Search For God

In a lonely cloud he wanders

Thoughts of rejection

Thoughts of depression

Thoughts of death taking over him

Suicide his ticket number

Evil lurking and surrounding him

Darkness befalls him

He’s blinded by loss and denials

He can not see the truth in him

He searches for the emptiness that engulfs him

When the truth of Christ lies right before him

He sees the book his dad once carried

Though in his heart the darkness surrounds him

Darkness of pain




It all clouds his brain

As he walks within the fog

Evil tearing at his every weakness

When all he needs to search for is God

Winter Scenes

Sun and earth

Sky and sea

Picture perfect images to see

Sun and earth warm and still

Sky and sea shadows fall

A winter chill on a cold snowy night

Brisk breezes fly through the air

As sugarplums dance

Nutcrackers line the shelves

And mistletoe hangs the halls

Carol of the bells and jingle bells ring the streets

As Santa meets the king

Lying in a manger he once lay

Now a guiding light you can see

Sun and Earth

Sky and sea

What thoughts and images would you see

Beauty Of Lilly

Little Lilly

Smelling so fine

Look at your petals standing up high

Little Lilly

So vibrant colors

Such unique design

Little Lilly

Blowing in the wind

Feel the breeze against your leaves and stem

Little Lilly

Standing tall

Such color to show

Looking like a star in the night

You would brighten any day

You would chase all shame away

Little Lilly

Breathe on me your beauty

Open up and make me smile

Little Lilly you can do it all

Just be you and catch the breeze

Catch the rain

Catch the sun

Sleep under the stars and moon

And just be beautiful you

Christmas Time Love

Oh night Devine
Sweet love of mine
Caress in the midnight breeze
Oh night divine
Under the mistletoe we kiss
Rocking around the Christmas tree
In song and dance we’ll be jolly
As we stray to bed
Legs wrapped like in pretzels
As we snuggle under the stars from the sky
By the fire place we lay
Imagination in creativity
Bodies warming in love
Gazing in your eyes
Twinkles shine in them bright
Embracing you is my life song
I miss you most at Christmas time
Chills fill the air
Smells of pine, baked apples and turkey
In the season
But most of all I miss you at Christmas
New Years is also never the same
Holidays I get by except at Christmas when I look into your eyes

Innocence Slips Away

My eyes close to all around me

All thoughts maintained

Innocence slips away

All the wrongs

Made right

I’m the moment all seems real

Yet here I lay taking it all away

Places I’ve been once called me

People estranged in my life quickly gone

Possession gold to me

Materials my palaces around me

Though you take it all away

Protecting my well being

It’s what I have to go on

You save me

When I can’t save myself

You bring all in

Giving me salvation

Time Stands Still- Rambling Man

A rambling man I once was

Had all the time in the world

You had something to say I was right there talking it all back

Experience given

As experience slips away

Time stands still

For all the places that surround me

I see rainbows

I turn my face to the sun

Letting all my guard down

It’s all the people that surround me

Like I awake from dead silence

Time stand still

No one can shadow me

I bring the life to the party

Making everyone want to stay

I’m a rambling man indeed

Arms Of Mercy

I watch you in joys

You were my son

My only son

You kept me in honor

All my life

You raised my name

When you were little you awakened in my arms

You were so young

Yet you understood all you were taught

We grew up hand in hand

You were always my number one

Over the years we drew closer

Season by season

Son you’ve been faithful and wonderful

I am well pleased with you

You’ve liven my dreams

You’ve made me proud

Now son hold my hand again

As the pain I’ve suffered has come to end

It will never stop but this is what needs to be done

Son it’s time for you to release me

In the arms of mercy

Letting me go

Our goodbyes will never part

I will always be a part of your memory

As well as your history

I know this is hard for you to grasp

It’s time to let go

Son it’s time for me to go

Time for goodbyes which will never leave

Son you’ve made me proud to be your father

I’m sure you’ll keep my legacy and story alive still in my name

I love you son

Now I must say goodbye

You’ve done well

You kept me in comfort

You let me see the real grown up you

No one ever said this would be easy

They just said I’ll always be with you

I’ll walk through the darkness with you

There will be no more suffering

Just this hard goodbye

Though son remember

I couldn’t be happier to be your father

Your friend

For you have made me proud

My Father’s Eyes

Walking Through The Fire

When walking in silence

Your breath taking speechless journey

Walking through fire

Glory you’ve given

Put out the flames

For you walk with me

Promises that I am never alone

Saving me in all salvation

You take me into paradise

To be with you in eternal bliss

Though I’m never ready

You know the time

That is when my life shall shine