Prayer Request and Praise Report- March 8, 2021 – Living Water Ministries

***URGENT*** Prayers for Pastor Isaiah and his sister Meg who were in a bad head on collision hit head on Meg fears her legs may be broken and Pastor Isaiah was knocked out both were rushed to local hospitals but need Urgent prayer as Pastor Isaiah was already dealing with a double concussion head trauma…
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Who Am I To Be Loved By You

Who am I to be loved by you

I fall, I fail

I try to be someone

But I’m not

I’m just not strong enough

Who am I to be loved by you

I’m learning

I’m living

I’m breathing

But I’m no one

I try to be good enough

But in it all you save me

You breath life within my weary soul

I hear you but I run

I’m weak

But with you I hold all strengths

You are the air I breath

You are my life

Savior within my suffering

You’re in control

Who am I that you tell me to look up that all will be okay

Who am I that I will be loved by you

Who am I that you save me

I’m just another lost soul

What do you see in me

The answer stumps me

But I believe

You’re the light in the darkness that covers me

You make me alive when I shut down

This is what I live for is you saving me

All that you are

I surrender all in light

Count Your Many Blessings

It’s gotta start right here

It’s gotta start right now

As heaven touches earth

Every act of love

God gives all

Alive in us

your light shines through

Little whispers in our heart

Blind but could see in soul

Deaf but could hear what needs to be heard

Mute but speaks louder than words could go

Counting every blessing

Every little miracle

Show me your heart

Unspoken words

Unseen visions

Unanswered prayers

You need to have faith and believe

With every act of love

Jesus carry’s all

Help us carry you

We’re living, walking, breathing, miracles

Rhyme and reason can not bring sense

What are you waiting for

You need to have faith and believe

Jesus carry’s you

He speaks words you can’t ignore

Count your every blessing

Let him be alive in you

It starts here and all begins with you

Lay Down Your Heart Broken with Scars

My feet are on the rock

The foundation for the future

Broken with scars

Before I spoke your name

You were watching over me

The crown worn on your head showing glory and love in your fall

You have been my rock

My feet are on the rock

The foundation for the future

There’s no shadow you can’t find

No mountain too high

You can hide nothing from your sight

The overwhelming love you show to me

I am everything within your sight

You are my rescue

Come broken hearted and scars

Lay down you heart and pain

In hope for the hopeless

Hear his word

Let him live out his name

His story of fame

Let him love you and keep you strong


Come as you are

Lay down you burdens

Lay down your pains

He will cover all and love you always

Come as you are

Put it in your heart and believe

Silent Words That God Hears

And in his weakness he shimmers his life

As he sits in fervent forever prayers

Meditating on god’s words

Hold out his hands

He’s got soul

He can’t run

In his weakness he lights the way in dedicated prayers

He knowingly refuses to turn away from the wrongs that haunt

Silent words unspoken leading ways unseen that only God knows