Didn’t We Almost Have It All

I sit in this wild loud room with many different thoughts and dofferent conversations going on in every direction of the room. Not one more standing out then the other.
Noise levels raising and falling like heavy drops of rain
As I sit here listening not rwally ease dropping on one one subject or another just listening to what people are saying
In the other ear the studio music plays “Didn’t we almost have it all”
Just taking all around me in is making me really realize how different this world has become and how so many things have just changed over the years.
When the world almost had it all in life in a time when you were safe. In a time when you could put yoir trust in all around and almost everything and anyone was known to be good.
Now looking back and seeing all the evil and shame which has over taken humanity and earths name. With violence and guns involved somehow in almost everything makes me see how I realize I can see them saying Didn’t we almost have it all? When the world was once a better place? When life was once something to look forward to and once something worth living.
Didn’t we almost have it all, but then in a sudden moment all that and everything was taken away as if swiped from beneath our various sized feet. Now I see what the world has become today and I say didn’t we almost have it all couldn’t we be doing a better thing? Looking forward to Sunday on the coming on the thirteenth they have a national subway thing for a special subway event where everyone rides the subways with “No pants Sunday” or how about the event seen in Philly “Nude Bike Day” and this is excepted okay by many of the world around. Honestly. I gotta ask what has this nation, government, and world come to? Didn’t we almost have it all? Living in this world today has just become unsafe and pure crazy.



Once A Legend To Live Out A Dream

A legend lives forever in the hearts and souls they’ve touched
Not soon or ever forgotten among the few to many they’ve so short seen and grown fond
A legend lives forever in experience, memories and there on beyond
Once to have come in so far there is no turning back
The journey keeps repeating even past death
It lives forever in voice thru us
We become the voice for tomorrow and spread out the words
Once a legend you have touched your fair share
You claimed your number well and you made it into fame
Creating a lit spark, growing flame to have all who knew you memorize and. Learn and keep your name
Although we all can’t become that keen all legends usually can
This is how a legend forms another legends name
To always be remembered as they were and who they were for one day someone new will still again become inspired some more.
Once a legend to live out a dream

Written in tribute to Whitney Houston’s death at 48
I grew up with her and loved her all the same as those who cherished her just as much in just hearing her name.

Although she will be missed loved she will always be and still live on in memories and fame still to live on just by her name