Become One

I Love how his eyes gaze into mine as if he’s staring into a large open wide sky
The stars of intimate flame burn within his gaze yet he keeps silent so not to tell
However I feel and see his racing heart I feel the pounding fast beats
I see his heavy breathing and intimacy written in his eyes not at all a surprise
True love holds strong tales tieing two bonds as one lust becoming war, making love becoming forever one
two worlds once separate and of themselves met as soul mates thru fates door forever changing upon entry and becoming one forevermore
Not Lust, Not just sex, not one night stands mad to last all night tonight it’s making love,
becoming one putting meaning behind actions and names making one future bond for eternity and lifelong ends
New beginnings, New blessings a new life making and creating a whole new you
It’s not just sex its making love and adoring each other in every essence of way seeing each other from deep within and without to bring the best of the best from beneath each other out
forming a foundation of the outer heart to build upon the inner heart and plant upon it your true mark on love’s open door

I love the way he dreamily stares at me with just  slight smile as if to silently say you now I love you close your eyes and rest upon me I will keep you warm and safe
lay you head gently upon my chest and I will keep you warm have no fear I have shown you always in everyway I am here it’s ok now rest and stay calm I have given you all of me
It’s not about the sex it’s about the love the inner peace he brings and holds the entire way he sits by my sides it’s about the gentle feel he releases chemically as he just so subtle runs his fingers across my soft face
it’s about the bond you begin when you find that true one and find your one
your soulmate your beauty your sun it’s about when you make that choice together as two seperate human beings to together choose to become one

The Journey- Rules Of True love

One cool night.
Not one soul insight.
Love is in the air.
Couples huddled close.
Cupid the only soul you see.
Arrows fly by.
As couples sit or dance keeping tune to their own beat, or close so they can feel each others heart beats.
Love is in the air tonight.
Romance fills the silence of the chilled cool night.
While two alone,
One boy and one girl
Look into the silent sight of the night seeing into each others eyes into a gaze one can not break

This couple makes the vow
Past the nights of the dates
Past the nights of one night stands
This boy has chosen to become a man
A relationship starts with two true friends
Builds a foundation stronger then the air
Stronger than any roads
Withstanding every rough sea and riding every wave
Withholding no breaks in time
This place becomes their unity and home
This place becomes love
This place is  where memories began
Now where memories continue to build the bonds of ones new life

The life once was only you
Together you vowed to make it one out of two
Living for life is how it began
Living into death has now become your goal

When you’ve said till death do is part
I do
That is the very moment that you became whole

No more questions
No more final thoughts
No more excuses
This is what it is and it is what you’ve now got
It’s nowe a unity no strong bond can break a friendahip that has traveled past the earthly realms of life
Bonded now on the spiritual soul
This os what has made them whole
Now a family
A friend
A unity till the end
Till death do is part is what they both said
They now leave their legacy and footprints in the sands

They thought they knew thei journey once before
Now they really know this journey
Intimate more so then ever before
History is made as they have walked past the babysteps along the way.
Here begins the future
It’s not just a quiet hidden date anymore

This is love’s unity
This is loves new realm
A castle all its own
A new land of the unknowns
A land they have bought and formed of their very own
This has become their journey home in the stars
Now strong forces all good and bad have given these two a bond that can not be broken and is true
Nolonger just friends
Now soulmates instead
Love they once knew at first sight that was true
A romance born by spirit
Of the spirits
Follwed from the heart
Not in lusts
Not alone
Love is what they saw
This is where I want to see for me and you
This is true
This is fate
This is meant in the stars
This is reality
Of the never before
This is the journey now that I search for.
This is the rules of true love.