Living Water

My life for you I give

All of me

I give to you

All my broken pieces

Making me unchained

Breaking my bondage

Giving me life

Healing you give me

by all yours scars

For I want to be a sacrifice to you

I lay down my spirit

My shattered heart

All of me I give to you

Laying at the bottom of the cross

I lay all of it and all of me at your feet

I’m the morning when I rise

I long to see your face

As you sing over me

Soak me in your grace

Glory and Mercy

In life I honor you

I speak of your name

Make me a river

Make me overflow with the words to say

Give me living water

that it flow through all I do and who I am

I Believe

I believe

Why should I not

He shown he gave his life

To set me free

I believe

For I have nothing in me

What can I say to describe his life and his glory

My life is nothing compared to his glory

I can not say enough to describe your life

We can not say enough about you

What can I say that all would understand

But the love of one single man

A son of the father up above

Praise in spirit and in truth

He is all the love needed

I believe