A Man Of Honor For His Own Country

A Man Of Honor For His Own Country

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Love Is Gone

Love is gone

Dreams vanished never real

Hearts ripped apart at the seams

My soul empty more pain once again

Fifteen years amongst the drains

A Love lost and blown away with the wind of unknown fates

Only God can heal this wound that has been made

Shattered spirits, shattered hearts, dreams fallen and drifted apart

the simple life leaving left behind falling from love that once was ours

Fallen in time by what once was mine

Don’t know if it will ever be the same again

a simple love so safe and true

a trust once bound from one in self to that of now two hearts bound

by threads of spiritual and physical bonds created and bonded by strong threads intended to keep one safe

to build foundations and bridges strong

so as they will never come down

Hearts shattered and torn amongst this new pain

where did this crevasse lye when all seals where all edges were strongly sealed and bonded in pure love

Where has this all gone wrong

no memories or stories left for us to feel proud and keep to tell

Downing in despairs that this was never real

knowing that it’s only my feelings boiling the truth down

Tears falling as my days faced fade apart

each piece breaking so ice cold like

Ice glaciers freezing over beneath the waves of time

Keep this ones soul safe bring in no harm

All promises made I shall still remain true trying to be strong and keep

Keep this child unharmed as well

may se be strong throughout every journey of each of life’s doors

My heart is saddened y this breaking news

it’s like a single fuse awaiting and willing to blow

Broken And Forgotten Tears

Broken And Forgotten Tears

Given time it’s said it may return and all will be fine

in my heart I try to feel, see and believe

though I just don’t foresee it coming back to me

I fear this may be too real

for someone to one day know you inside and out and all the way around

yet then totally forget you as if you never were anything

others may not understand and may be okay with the new ways

Though for me this is too deep and too real to let go of for eternity

When one person means the world to me

yet has faded and drifted out of reality

I can not face or accept this

I can not make myself happy over this

I have given my entire life over this one person

I have spent every hour of everyday sharing writings and song with this person

to just sit back letting this person slip away and forget me as if I never even remained

I’d rather accept death than heartbreak an heartache

this rips my heart to pieces and tears me at it’s seams

I once shared everything with this person

they were my realities and my family

now they stare the unknown fear of strangers in my eyes

making black shadows form in my soul hidden in fear and tears fall from beneath my eyes.

I can not hide my fact of me sitting here beginning to cry

everything becoming erased and ripped from deep within every craves within me

feeling violated of all my secrets and personal things I entrusted within them as I once had

nothing left but a fearful blank stare making me sad and cry each broken tear.

broken and forgotten tears

left to flood any feelings still waiting to share once more that I may never see that day

This is the truth and the pain I can not face

Thank You My Faithful Readers

Twenty-fourteen left in the dust

readers still reading throughout all my many years of these posts.

Twenty-fifteen still a journey being born

The man I love becoming fourteen years of whispers in the wind

possibly becoming two more broken hearts

history once again repeating itself

yet throughout all these posts I’ve seen rays of lights open at times

a spark touching someone deep within their hearts

as matter of fact it was alive tonight

Some stranger or maybe just a search engine I really don’t know

all I know is I was browsing and saw someone’s writing about my own wordpress site

read it thru and it was so accurate that it mad me choke up

and cry


and my first tears begin

Thank you to all my faithful readers for all your supports

for all your love and strength each year to keep myself posting each year

Thank you for being faithful and true

thank you for remaining you

Whomever or whatever wrote those words

I don’t know you but thank you for doing so

thank you for letting me see that my journeys are really being heard

and even more so thank you for summing up my paths in focus of what was still not even seen even by me

thank you for making me see my left out understandings of my own realities

making me see what was meant for me

thank you for becoming my faithful readers please continue to travel with me

thank you for making me still believe

Love Never Fades Or Dies

Love never dies
Sometimes it hides tucked away deep inside
Pushed back away by scars and wounds hindering still deep within our lives
Yet the love binds us deep inside even with standing all given times
Even when we begin to try to move on ahead in life our love tugs and yanks at us pulling us back again were our strongest grip and hold binds us not to let go.
Even stress can’t always make our love die
In time it only sometimes makes us think we need to run away and hide just like the wounds and scars others have left behind
Holding tight to grip and embrassed and inter twined wrapped up in love is where we are to stay together in eachs arms to live a long health filled life
Together where we feel as one
Where we know we feel safe
Our love never dies
Sometimes it just takes lost roots or paths or runs down and hides inside
Like a turtle in a shell it locks deep wothin a hole to get away from the pain and scars inside
Yet it still even then will never fade or die
Love never fades or dies

Only Requests

With the kiss he lay upon my head a tear never seized to fall. His voice whispers in silence into my very ears. As if he were here with me. I never asked for much from him as if he were not given anything. Yet given all his love absorbed from his very life. He has been in my everthing. I didnt. He his and love relinquished all. I’m living in hope for another day as his hours are yet unknown. I pray that won’t be his last breath he takes. If it shall I’ll let him go with a sweet release but so very yet much unhappily. One last kiss and let him rest. Just to cuddle him is what would be my only request. Yet lord you decide. That is not my call to decide. Just if you shall take him forevermore. Let him go knowing how I loved him so. Let his heart beat forever and be teeasured throughout life. If he shall be called by you you to go from this life. My prayer to choose to stay is all I ask if could be. However it is not my call to make just my own plee. As I want nothing more but for him to stay with me. So I lay one last kiss on his head with hopes of miracles to take place for me. In hopes that you hear and know the only requests that I have made to be.

The Journey- Rules Of True love

One cool night.
Not one soul insight.
Love is in the air.
Couples huddled close.
Cupid the only soul you see.
Arrows fly by.
As couples sit or dance keeping tune to their own beat, or close so they can feel each others heart beats.
Love is in the air tonight.
Romance fills the silence of the chilled cool night.
While two alone,
One boy and one girl
Look into the silent sight of the night seeing into each others eyes into a gaze one can not break

This couple makes the vow
Past the nights of the dates
Past the nights of one night stands
This boy has chosen to become a man
A relationship starts with two true friends
Builds a foundation stronger then the air
Stronger than any roads
Withstanding every rough sea and riding every wave
Withholding no breaks in time
This place becomes their unity and home
This place becomes love
This place is  where memories began
Now where memories continue to build the bonds of ones new life

The life once was only you
Together you vowed to make it one out of two
Living for life is how it began
Living into death has now become your goal

When you’ve said till death do is part
I do
That is the very moment that you became whole

No more questions
No more final thoughts
No more excuses
This is what it is and it is what you’ve now got
It’s nowe a unity no strong bond can break a friendahip that has traveled past the earthly realms of life
Bonded now on the spiritual soul
This os what has made them whole
Now a family
A friend
A unity till the end
Till death do is part is what they both said
They now leave their legacy and footprints in the sands

They thought they knew thei journey once before
Now they really know this journey
Intimate more so then ever before
History is made as they have walked past the babysteps along the way.
Here begins the future
It’s not just a quiet hidden date anymore

This is love’s unity
This is loves new realm
A castle all its own
A new land of the unknowns
A land they have bought and formed of their very own
This has become their journey home in the stars
Now strong forces all good and bad have given these two a bond that can not be broken and is true
Nolonger just friends
Now soulmates instead
Love they once knew at first sight that was true
A romance born by spirit
Of the spirits
Follwed from the heart
Not in lusts
Not alone
Love is what they saw
This is where I want to see for me and you
This is true
This is fate
This is meant in the stars
This is reality
Of the never before
This is the journey now that I search for.
This is the rules of true love.

Chances Of Change

Each day I live watching each passing hour wondering if this will be the year that the man that my eyes focus on in my dreams will finally come and sweep me off my feet. Running away to earths end over mountains and hills past meadowlands and through valleys leaving all dismays and my old life truly behind me.
I know the finally moving on and letting go will be the hardest things to do.
Yet if  I truly want out of this black hole of tormoil and domestic Violance and dismay then it truly needs to be today.
Otherwise my life will follow in circles under the same path traveled today
By then it may not be dismay, it may then be Just too late.
I need to leave out now yet there is looking no Chances of change
Yet being homeless is not easy or safe in anyway.
I know he is out there and that he knows the beats of my heart
However each coming year brings hope for him to come this year
Sigh but for now I’ll have to continue to face and have faith that never been married may finally become love at first sight, married before moonlight.
To then leave for a honeymoon under the sun with horseback riding and long romantic walks along the beautiful sunny beaches of sand.
Creating a life filled with many long filled memories of he and I.