Acceptance In Christ (The Root Of All Hatred And Indifferences Of Racism)

Acceptance In Christ (The Root Of All Hatred And Indifferences Of Racism)
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A Soldier’s Dream

He chose a journey all his own

Journeying our to the deep unknown

A lost soul filled in fear for new comings and new beginnings

Silent and kept to himself

he stay until day break

and dawn rise

Until he learned to open up and trust

He never knew how to pray

He never knew how to trust until sorrows broke his paths and way

His weakness pulling him deep within

Until he began to pray he never knew trust and faith

He never knew his strength remained

Life stricken I prayed to him to see me through

Taking away all my sorrow and shame I prayed for the gift of strength to remain in grace

He knows not of the storm for he is the storm pulling us through what blocks our ways

He became our hiding place

For broken hearts that seek the good

They would not be broken seeking heaven

Had the world held their joy

Once lost souls

Made forever whole

Loosing the weak and gaining strength

Once walking a journey all his own

Dies with honor from nations everywhere unlisted by names

No longer lost

Found by honor

In God whom saves

Honor in services he had to train and learn

Faith he’d never known

Death that may have taken him so suddenly

In Faith he died believing and free

Serving God and country

Now looking down with these words of praise still as he would believe saying…

Do not stand over my grave and weep

I’m forever a part of history

I’m in your memories forever long

Be proud of me and praise Him who trained me in all I knew

Once bonded to fear and suffering soul

I was found and given honor in him above

Given my own freedoms

After I helped gain freedom for you

Don’t be sad for I am free and ecstatic like never before

Send praises of thanks up to him for me

This is beauty you can never imagine on your own

Don’t stand over my grave and weep

Be proud of me and happy for me

I know I am not there

I don’t sleep

I do not fear my restlessness I’ve released

I am the gentle autumn rain

Blowing across your face in the frail wind of the autumn’s breeze

Hush now friend

I may be silent now

But I am with you

morning,day and night

No need for sleep

Faith is what I need now

He who covers me within his wings

keeping me strong and safe

Do not stand over my grave and weep

Fill yourself with praise

I am free

I have been saved

Do not cry for I have not gone away

Do not walk away in sorrow

I have met a better tomorrow

For today is mine

Yesterday was my journey into faith

But now you need to see and believe

Do not stand there and cry

For even though I have left I have not died

I am forever free with He who saved me

Forever in eternity

I chose this journey

It was my story that I made

Go and tell of all my historic memories

Do not be in shame

It’s still me

I still remain the same

In your memories is now my faith journey

Honor me

Just as Christ and you are free

Realize I am now also free

Do not cry over me

I am your memories and your dreams

I have not died and forever live on a new life

I Am Proud To Be A Christian

I am proud to be a christian
I am proud to yell out his name
I do not fear or hide myself in shame
I am proud to be a christian

He doesn’t hide his love
he doesn’t let me go in front of friends or family
he holds me tight in front of all to see
He’s not afraid to proclaim me in public and world displays

He remains a friend
He tells me I can always call on him
He says he’ll never let go
he is always there whenever I need him

I am proud to be a christian
I’ll admit it for all to know
I’ll carry his picture in my heart locket wherever I shall go
I’ll share his story and all my grace of him with everyone I know

With him it doesn’t matter how i feel
it doesn’t matter what i look like
it doesn’t matter who I am inside
I am just as beautiful as ever as when he first saw me

He will never walk all over me or treat me bad giving me wronged names
he will always stand by me
reminding me of my beauty
telling me that I am worth everything

He will never shun me or name me a shame
He was who already gave me my name

I will not walk away
I’ll take his hand and walk along with him all the way

I know he will always be at my side
I know his heart and soul are pure
I know he will always accept me in
He will always hold me tight and call me friend

I am proud to stand firm
I am proud to be a christian
I am glad that he knows me
I am glad that he found me

I am proud to be a christian
This I shall never deny …