One Nation Under God

One nation under God is what we seekNo reformatoriesNo rioters and lootsNo warNo violenceteaching proper peaceThe peace of Jesus ChristIn his image we knowOne nation under GodThat is the way to goNo more hate or crimeBrothers living in union for the country they call homeOne nation under GodThis is what we must beTo bring togetherContinue reading “One Nation Under God”

Acceptance In Christ (The Root Of All Hatred And Indifferences Of Racism)

Acceptance In Christ (The Root Of All Hatred And Indifferences Of Racism) — Read on

A Soldier’s Dream

He chose a journey all his own Journeying our to the deep unknown A lost soul filled in fear for new comings and new beginnings Silent and kept to himself he stay until day break and dawn rise Until he learned to open up and trust He never knew how to pray He never knewContinue reading “A Soldier’s Dream”

Building Bridges To The Future… No Futures Ahead

Following into the new year I sit here looking back into the face again of truth and despair unanswered questions and hope currently not there At almost forty my years should be settled and silent yet still unsure what tomorrow will show my dreams unknown and my days unseen I again feel the question comingContinue reading “Building Bridges To The Future… No Futures Ahead”

Chances Of Change

Each day I live watching each passing hour wondering if this will be the year that the man that my eyes focus on in my dreams will finally come and sweep me off my feet. Running away to earths end over mountains and hills past meadowlands and through valleys leaving all dismays and my oldContinue reading “Chances Of Change”