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Building Bridges To The Future… No Futures Ahead

Following into the new year

I sit here looking back into the face again of truth and despair

unanswered questions and hope currently not there

At almost forty my years should be settled and silent

yet still unsure what tomorrow will show my dreams unknown and my days unseen

I again feel the question coming to play of will marriage ever come find my way

Stuck inside seeing all the same walls

family neglect that will never release

handicaps which are visually unseen

a life that no one around me is able to see or believe

living in fear of what each corner will reveal

living a trap which I don’t ever see even releasing from wrapping around me

homeless and on the verge of loosing my own kids

for life which was given to me and not picked or chosen by actions I have made along my

own way

never knowing answers of what tomorrow shall bring

A  deep feeling of abandonment and ignorance from family as if I never even existed

no on looking toward the future as hope lies slim

as  I haven’t even seen a date with someone since I was twenty-one maybe at least

Not even a visit or someone to drop on in

each day my hopes dropping more slim in the sands

Will a day ever  hold a marriage ahead

I see no pathways building the bridges to the future

not even much of even a friend

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Beauty Of You Within Me

As I look over your life i’ve seen you within me
I sort throughout old pics of the special times between you and I
I come to one specific photo
One photo that I took of you while we were at the park noticing a glow on your body as if you had an aura or something around you
Looking a bright radiant as if light were shining off your body as if it was then that you jad first gainied your angel wings
I’ll never know maybe that day was the day that you gained your angel wings and it all just took times for you to fade and die from the illness you had claimed but either way the more I look over your life the morw that I see you within me and see how lucky I was to have you as a mother to me.
My life may never be the same again with you not here by my side I know
Making me each year miss all the closeness we had as mother and daughter now that your gone
However not forever
For I know that one day will come when I will see those wings as your very own wings you have fully grown and gained
I was just lucky to have seen the beauty of you being given the welcoming of that honor that very day
Your radiance is so over powering and radiant in this one photo a tearlet fills my eye just to see it
Evenmore showing the beauty of you within me.
There is just somthing more about that photo that day it just speaks louder than any words could say
Fully showing out your own true beauty

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I Am Proud To Be A Christian

I am proud to be a christian
I am proud to yell out his name
I do not fear or hide myself in shame
I am proud to be a christian

He doesn’t hide his love
he doesn’t let me go in front of friends or family
he holds me tight in front of all to see
He’s not afraid to proclaim me in public and world displays

He remains a friend
He tells me I can always call on him
He says he’ll never let go
he is always there whenever I need him

I am proud to be a christian
I’ll admit it for all to know
I’ll carry his picture in my heart locket wherever I shall go
I’ll share his story and all my grace of him with everyone I know

With him it doesn’t matter how i feel
it doesn’t matter what i look like
it doesn’t matter who I am inside
I am just as beautiful as ever as when he first saw me

He will never walk all over me or treat me bad giving me wronged names
he will always stand by me
reminding me of my beauty
telling me that I am worth everything

He will never shun me or name me a shame
He was who already gave me my name

I will not walk away
I’ll take his hand and walk along with him all the way

I know he will always be at my side
I know his heart and soul are pure
I know he will always accept me in
He will always hold me tight and call me friend

I am proud to stand firm
I am proud to be a christian
I am glad that he knows me
I am glad that he found me

I am proud to be a christian
This I shall never deny …

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