Linville Media Now Reopen

Linville Media

Store hours: Miami,Florida 33101

11-10 M-F, 11-3 Sat, Sunday closed

Near NW Fifth St. 33101

To connect with Linville Media you can connect with them through social networks or email at

I will have more information to come as reopening stabilization happens.

Linville Media is a business created by Shane Linville the other Administration tech on this site.

He is mute so most things have to be done non verbal

Come visit with us and browse or place orders

Enjoy Linville Media now!!😉

Miami-Dade, Miami Florida 33101

In One Moment Everything Could Change

In one moment everything can change
All we can see today could be gone tommorrow
We hold on tight to everything within our variety of life.
Giving us hope all along the way
Helping us move forward from where we may stand.
Then tragedy strikes and lives are taken away
Falling us back down to the ground where we once stood silent and unmoved and unchanged.
Then everything in life changed and we were on the way yo the better reality
When hell fire fell and sent us thru some sorta twister thing back behind us yet again to again find our strength to the open door ahead
We can’t let our fear hold us here. We have to find our way  ahead still as before.
Otherwise this circle shall never end.
Remembering that in one moment everything could change
That could be our last moments we see.

My Deepest Everything

We rarely speak anymore
Yet we pass like two ships sailing the wide seas together
Other thoughts always crossing each others minds day and night
Yet your always there and never here by my side
You really think that that is alright
I’d rather be cuddling with you both day and night with you always and forever at my side
Not just a figment in time passing me by
Not just a thought or dream crossing my mind
I want to hold your name and be proud that I am yours and announce that you are forever mine
I want to make love for real and make the love we feel real and not just a word of the time within life
I dont just want to speak and say how we feel
I want to show you and feel it so much more. I want everything. I want it all to be sereal.
I want a life meant to be for real
I want to be outdoors with you hearing the call of a great horned owl overhead.
I want to be in your arms and holding hands in and out of my bed.
I want to cuddle next to the warm fire every holiday and in the cold
And ride horseback along a moonlit and sunlit beach
I want you to truly be my deepest everything.