One Nation Under God

One nation under God is what we seekNo reformatoriesNo rioters and lootsNo warNo violenceteaching proper peaceThe peace of Jesus ChristIn his image we knowOne nation under GodThat is the way to goNo more hate or crimeBrothers living in union for the country they call homeOne nation under GodThis is what we must beTo bring togetherContinue reading “One Nation Under God”

Prayer For Comfort- Remembering Linda Stoltzfoos’s Family And Friends

Lord cover all fear, misunderstandings and discomfort in your wings of light Let there be hope where none may be seen Ease our spirit of this horrible sadness of the pain we see admits the missing of Linda Stoltzfoos I feel for her family and am in deep hopes of her return as I touchesContinue reading “Prayer For Comfort- Remembering Linda Stoltzfoos’s Family And Friends”

Acceptance In Christ (The Root Of All Hatred And Indifferences Of Racism)

Acceptance In Christ (The Root Of All Hatred And Indifferences Of Racism) — Read on

A Soldier’s Dream

He chose a journey all his own Journeying our to the deep unknown A lost soul filled in fear for new comings and new beginnings Silent and kept to himself he stay until day break and dawn rise Until he learned to open up and trust He never knew how to pray He never knewContinue reading “A Soldier’s Dream”

You Are The Difference- VOTE TODAY

Each year we gamble about what to do or not do about what should change and what should stay same each year a new debate about what’s working and what’s Hurting and hindering us be the voice speaks your mind take the vote YOU CAN be that difference in the next year coming tommorow StopContinue reading “You Are The Difference- VOTE TODAY”