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Gone With The Wind

Gone with the wind

Breeze brushing throughout your hair

I know your not gone forever

That you’ll always be near

But my heart misses you like you just don’t know

When your gone with the wind

Waiting like a child waiting to go to a candy store

Not wanting you to leave out that front door

I know duty calls

And your gone with the wind

However my heart calls to you to stay and come home again

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Moving Up In Rank From Soldier To A Man

Moving Up In Rank From Soldier To A Man

I find myself twiddling and rotating around time. Lost deep within my mind. Seeing him as if he were still here holding down time with one one thing one mind. Thinking of the soldiers who have gone together or separate to another place. These were fathers, sons, mothers , brothers, grandsons and more now the only thing on common indeed. They’ve become real men hidden behind uniform out to fight the fight And challenges ahead. Making it big as no one else can. This could be my father, uncle, grandparents or friend. That soldier will end up being the one who you find yourself missing most in the end when (she/he’s ) gone and taken with time.This soldier could be your cousin or friend. Whatever case may this soldier find peace and live out his journey not just a story to be told but a journey to share and never part with that holds forever true instead. The story that gave this soldier title of becoming a man. Making him a true hero in the end. Moving up in ranks from a soldier to a man.

Written by Jennifer Palmer
Written in thought of my Grandfather Jimpa &
Dad Rick Palmer

Happy Veterans Day!!!!

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