Hope Forever A Faithful Name

The stronger we walk in his name

The louder we speak in his name

The glory that covers for all to claim

There is power within his name

Faith outlived in numbers unseen

A dream, one who is witness can only see

Words unspeakable

Speechless and ecstatic in likeness the same

His power covers all seen and unseen that when they speak holy of his glorious name

Piercing ones spirits

In unnumbered amount

Giving the crown of Glory

To share as one in his name

Hope forever a faithful name

Faith forever claimed in His name

Stand In Strength

Let not your heart be troubled

Let your souls ride upon the wind

Be at peace amongst land and sea

When we fall we fall together

When we stand we stand together

Standing in strength

Let not your heart be troubled

The lord has done great things

In the midst of his name

Miracles unnamed

Dreams to reality

Amazing things you can not hide

Live in faith

Hold your fears

Let not your heart be troubled

Let your souls ride upon the wind

Quiet the storm bonding you tight

Peace be still within you

In The Eyes Of Faith

In the eyes of faith you see beauty

You see progress

You see the storyline of the stories untold

There isn’t anybody out there like you

You know the whole story

even before we walk it

You know how it will end

You see us as a whole

To what we do not see

In the eyes of faith

you see the good in me

You see the great design

Hidden from my eyes

You see the story untold that binds to me

You see the faith in me I do not see

Seeing through the eyes of faith you see making of my history

My journey

My story

You laid the canvas for me to design

On the foundation you placed for me to work on

You see with the eyes of faith

what I can not

The Master’s Hand

I breathe in air

The air fills my lungs

Bringing me to life

Every beat of my heart is of you

I have life because of you

I feel the beat

I feel the beat

My blood pumping throughout my veins

They try to take my last breath

They try to persecute me and kill me

Though together we rise in the air I breath

And the life you give my heart

When we fall

Should we fall

We with fall together

Nothing can separate us

With our differences

We are still the same

We breath the same

Our heart beats the same beats as one

We all bleed the same in color and the same blood

We are all of the same hands that created us

You, of your masters hand

Each bone in us is built the same

All spirits broken and wounded the same

Giving us a broken heart

Yet you mend it all the same

You put us back together and make us whole again giving us once again life

Pulling us from the darkness and dead of night

Every soul standing by your side in hope in wonder of your love

We’re All One In Christ

Broken, wounded, tortured and persecuted
Use of slandering directed at us trying to pull us down low in force
Nothing can separate us
Not race
Not disabilities
Not color
Not evil done to one
For we’re yours and nothing can take that from us
For you died on the cross removing separation out
The only thing that matters is what you think of me
Nothing can separate the love you have for us
Taking all I have the broken and wounded spirit
Tortured and in pain
All those who have been slandered and prosecuted
I still believe
You promise to go with me through all
You are amongst us
You are moving in our midst
You’re working miracles and wonders the same
You’re love endures over all
With the work of your hands
You hold each of us as one
You’ve encouraged us like a true parent to a child
Your forgiveness overtaking all our sins
Lord I bow my knee
I need you
The nation needs you
Take us close under your wing holding us tight
Who you are is what makes me want to change for the better of the ways
You’re power like no other
Only you can change the world
Only you can set all free
Wounded, broken, tortured and prosecuted
With slander coming at us
You still love us so
You keep us on high priority to all
Mountains high and valleys low
Nothing overlooks the love you have for me
You still stay beside me
With a love unseen
Why am I so precious in your eyes
that you choose me to know my name
I like the others have nothing to share
Nothing can separate the love you have to give

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For I am Not You But Me

God you have faith in who I am

You have so much faith in me

So much love for me that anyone can see

Yet I feel I am not worthy or understand always

What you want or need of me

Love is tender and sometimes hard to find

With so much negativity all around me

Enlarger my territories to know how you work love with things as these

That I may learn love and not fall into the hateful crowd

That the wrongs being done

Even if I don’t understand I will have the trust to know that it already is in your hands and that I may be part in your works and good deed instead

Help me to love and be loved and not act out of revenge and my own temptations of hate

Let me live just as you say loving on another and loving my neighbor as myself

Let me remember the world needs as much love as me and it is not seen any differently

Leg me be a model for the rest to see and even for myself to learn to grow in every way

Lift my spirits when things get frail

Let me remember to handle it with love, prayer and positivity instead as you would handle with me

Things of this world are not all of you and only the wounded spirit who has found hope in your story and love can see around all the true negativity

The lost and broken souls have their own struggles that only you and they can see

May we remember that and fill them with love that they may one day understand and see in hope of them seeing you in eternity

You see me so innocent and pure

I see me as a lamb still trying to fit in with the grazing sheep waiting for Thea Shepard to take hold of me under his staff and lift me where I am most weak

I know love and am good with that but my own acceptance of that I am one of the flock I fear away from in my own acceptance to me

I can love and be loved as I love myself but I do not feel one of the crowd I am shy and lost in my own belief in me in the way that’s it is that you see me

May through my own love to myself and others may I see the good you have in me as I as well am sometimes blind to faith in me and fear of the events going on around me for me to remember that it’s just another chapter, another scene in your bigger picture of reality and life’s journey

That you only can act in hostile ways when you don’t agree and for I am not you but me

Remember I Said, Remember To Me You Are Beautiful

I was once young




They all adored me





I was vibrant

Doing ballet


And so much more

Then my young years vanished

I became a young adult

Always saying I’m not beautiful

I’m not worth anything

I’m just a disaster

A disappointment

Depression sunk in

I ask you why have you made me

My life was the lowest of times

I wanted away from who I was

Till you reminded me and told me

Remember I God created you from your inmost being In the life I’ve seen

I knew you before you were born

May be hard to believe

But inside I had your plan all worked out

The best that I saw for my daughter I created

For who you are

Why I ask why have I made you

Why don’t you see I created you out of love

My love is stronger than anything

You may most see your beauty or love yourself

But I knew things would be obstacles for you

Yet know through it all I have and will still be there

Remember that above all else I love you and eventually you will too- God

You made me imagine what I really could be

Because of all earth you went beyond and loved me

I look at me today

And when I question

Why have you made me

I look at myself and say

Because you are so much bigger than you see

That God me to be a blessing ahead of some’s dream

I say

I love you

I love your beauty

Remember to him you are beautiful

That’s all that matters

It doesn’t matter what others see

It’s the beauty within that was the gift God gave me

Stronger than any fear or disapproval I see

Love never fails

God never abandon’s us and loves us more than anything

Now I see me as an adult and say darn girl look at that beauty

God has made the best in me

Then he says my child I’ve never walked away

I told you always you were beautiful and I knew your story long ago when I created you

You are who I see

I will never walk away

I’ve always told you not to fear

I am with you all the way

Push away that doubt for my promises always find the broken hearts and wounded spirit

Taking all your pain within my plan

Creating a beautiful women you now see

Yea it took a while but remember I’ve always told you in my eyes you were beautiful

Just as I had made you

I’ll never let you down

Share who you are

Go shine amongst the world

Share the beautiful knowledge

your very own beauty

Give someone else life

Letting them see just what I have taught you

What promises I’ve made to you

Let them see and share in that beauty-God

Then tears weld in my eyes

I realize there’s so much more like me

My heart breaks for I don’t deserve what this man Jesus has given me

Yet he has and I honor in all ways I can

My messed up life can be the saving of life for someone else like me

That’s when I surrender

When I turn to God and say…

God send me

I remember you once told me

I’ll take care of you walking with you all the way

You’ll one day see what I see the beauty within you

How beautiful you my child are

I’m beautiful because

He forever loved me

I am what he saw in me

In plans for me

I can be the seed for you

God can be your light

if you surrender to him

releasing the chains that bind you to the world

Open his gates and trust in him

He is God of all

He wants only the best in you and me

Open up to God’s full beauty

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