I Have Never Been…

I have never been miss congeiniality, miss popularity, not even prom queen. I have been in pagent’s, plays,battle of the bands and commuinty theaters, but never popular in any means. Miss popularity, the singer, and miss USA have always been just that…dreams You may look at my friends list and say “WOW, LOOK AT HER” She’sContinue reading “I Have Never Been…”

All By Myself Under The Moonlight

All by myself alone under the moonlight. Stars shining and shimmering glitters of twinkling bright light. Silence sorrow ding the soul. Darkness covering the earth. Sounds of the highway to one side and the tiny brooke around the to the other. You several miles away and me not able to look you in the eyesContinue reading “All By Myself Under The Moonlight”

Ten Rules of becoming a victim of an aggravated assault 

The Ten rules into being part of an assault 1. Don’t expect it, you never know when it could happen 2. You never know anything about it or how many will be there until you’ve become part in it 3. Your never safe even when you think you may be 4. It can happen anywhereContinue reading “Ten Rules of becoming a victim of an aggravated assault “