A Cold Winters Night Long Ago

There once was a baby wrapped and dressed of nothing but burlap rags

they called him Emanuel, Prince of peace,Jesus, Josiah

In the cold of winter nights he lay in a bed of hay

in a small barn of no room

animals of the barn watch in the manger where this baby began his life

surrounding to watch this special birth take place

known to all as The king this baby came to be

still in the bitter cold this child lay his tiny head

with one tiny star bigger than the rest shine upon the barn entrance way

while this child rest

people came from all around to visit and see this baby they called “The King”

Shepard’s and wise men from all over nations

came to see this tiny miracle in the making of a journey into life

Some brought him gifts of silver, incense, and mer

this child was to be brought to death even after just being born

but Christ his eternal father kept angels over watch of him as the child lay sleeping in the hay

protecting him in every day that he lay there in that cold winter night manger

Mary and Joseph just as surprised at the sight as all the rest

happy parents as any other

they accepted all the loves and gifts not knowing exactly what to say

these two parents held to their faith thru the journey of this cold winters night

as they stayed there throughout the nights in steady prayers that they would share

to protect their child from any evil outside of that barn door that may come in his way

till one special day the angels warmed them of the coming king

a king who wanted to take his life

The angel told Mary and Joseph it was time for them to gather and leave

that all would be okay but they needed to leave from the manger’s side

so now in the cold winter’s night

Mary and Joseph and this sweet tiny wrapped baby traveled all night

together thru the night to where God had led them

Where they would find true safety for themselves and this tiny child of their own

in time this child grew into the worlds and nations most known,

and most loved cherished forever and of all as The King

This baby is Jesus Christ the son of man born and chosen by christ

This baby is who saved all the world from sin in life

this all happened on a cold winters night long ago

and has lived its honor forevermore

becoming the most discussed baby of all times

Jesus is his name


Please Pray For A Boy Full Of Life And Love – Trey Love <3

Hey Everyone,
As we continue praying for my daughter to overcome and conquer her own health issues I ask we don’t forget Trey Love. Please add Trey Love to your prayers also. Trey was rushed back into the hospital again and admitted into the hospital again yesterday as he has had a long history battling cancer as well as other health issues to run along with it. His family is friends of mine and …we all are hoping for the best and praying so hard as well. Since Trey was 14 months old he has been fighting this battle. Trey is now 4 one year younger than Sarah my daughter we all have been praying for. It is always upseting and sad to see such young children fighting health issues especially health issues of this magnatudes. So Please add Trey Love to your prayers today as he is once again in the hospital. Thanks. May God Bless you all. ♥

If You Could Look Into My Heart

If you could look into my heart

sure enough you would see all that still remains inside of me

from trust issues, to tangled webs in life to all the love i hold true to you

you could see the pain i was never willing to grow out of in my heart

but helping me to know now that we would never part

If you could see into my heart you could truly see how much you really mean to me

If you could see into my heart

My words word never have to speak a word

as my heart would show it all layed out

I you could look into my heartWe’d always be

 I would never have to question if our

knowing we’d always be alright

and here together by my side

with you being able to see inside of my heart and my dreams

life would never hold any little or even big surprises

If you could look into my heart you could see my love and how pure and true

you could know that this love is real

 not just a picture or figmant of any long, lost crumbled hearts

 looking to heal the suffered wounds and looking for a fresh new life

you can hold your head high and rest with relief

If you could look into my heart you could see what I see

Angels Live Among Us

Angels live among is they are with us everyday

Angel live among us even when we think we may sit alone

Angels pass us by while we are walking down the streets

Angels wrap their wings around us even when we may not see

Angels are a gift from the one who loves us most

they are the messanger, protector, soul taker who helps lead and guide our journey or way

Angels are real you see

I have seen them all myself

Angels live among us on this very day

Angels live among us every step of the way

Angels live among us right here on earth

you could be an angel to someone else’s life

I am an angel everyday in mine

Angels live among us just as we do today

they live and breathe and play

walking, running, breathing as we do with ourselves

I am a very Angel

I believe this in full within me

The Young Man, Angel And Wolf

As the wolf runs as fast as he can througout the forrest

 He finds a young man lying unconcious on the ground

The protector that the wolf is he lays down

under the shade of the tree to keep safe watch over the young man

within the shadows he stay till the sun arose the next day

then apeared in the mist of the early day an angel

within the glistening light of the sun

Her hair was so soft like that of soft baby rabbits

her eyes so wide, bright and beautiful

her wings as graceful as those of the flight of an eagle

together they awaited the young man to awake

when he finally wakes and rises to his feet

as the wolf takes his side to protect him

seeing that he is safe not to colapse and fall

as the angel takes his stare

as she gently explains that she was sent to be with him

to protect him saving his life

as he had taken a great fall down the steep revene

the angel told the wolf to always remain at his side

for if he should look death in the face again he will not be saved next time

so taking the young man under his sight

 they traveled together in search of the freedom of life

for the claiming of his plot of the land

with the race against time

this man ran his route in search of his land

cross river bed and wheat feilds he runs till he

finally spots his claim

with every single fight he won to give this land his name

stood the wolf by his side protecting him with fight and dominancy

he stuck his flag within his land

together the stood tall as they began to build a home on where they stood

this was how the young man became a hero then

with his new home

he sat in watch and took soldiers in as wounded they came

for this was his life

He did not want to see the fall of yet another man fall who fell wounded at his land

bringing them in one by one his wolf and he began their new journey

saving the soldiers outside his front door who they themselves were wounded in the war

helping them out he waited till they were well

then together he and wolf took them to find their own land

 forgetting the horrible trials of the war

this was the story of the young man, angel and wolf