The Place I Once Loved And Lived (Connecticut)

It tears my heart apart. A state of mind I can not comprehend inside A state I used to live and love While I went to school away from a home Where I called since my very own childhood A state that I once met many a face that I could call a friend now… Continue reading The Place I Once Loved And Lived (Connecticut)


I Am Proud To Be A Christian

I am proud to be a christian I am proud to yell out his name I do not fear or hide myself in shame I am proud to be a christian He doesn't hide his love he doesn't let me go in front of friends or family he holds me tight in front of all… Continue reading I Am Proud To Be A Christian

Hold My Anchors Down

One grey dreary morning Silent as the night The breeze blowing across your face as clouds float by The waves crash like thunder upon the drifting boat that is carrying me. I am a ship lost at sea Unsure if which direction I take My life I follow unbound At anytime I could just begin… Continue reading Hold My Anchors Down

Life In Transition And Homelessness

Being lost in the world and feeling no safe haven of your own trying to raise three kids who are at steak of being taken away, while trying to survive from this bitter two faced world of fear and disrespect. Life isnt easy while people look at you like a villain when you live homeless… Continue reading Life In Transition And Homelessness

I Awoke To A Day Without The Load

It was a day as any other day So I thought as I may I awoke to do just what I needed to throughout my busy scheduled day I awoke to a day without the load Piles rising high scattered across the frames of the floor rising higher yet then ever before as I had… Continue reading I Awoke To A Day Without The Load

Where I Am Weak You Carry On And Stay Strong

Where I am weak you carry on and stay strong My tollerance takes tolls as I try to continue to climb Obsticles in my way blocking out my guiding light I run at times I run and hide yet in it all get lost and tired out trying to find my way Day by day… Continue reading Where I Am Weak You Carry On And Stay Strong

SPCA entry #2 Helping trouble

Dear Reader, Please help Trouble to get the surgery that she needs, to end her pain. Last week, the Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement department received a call from a concerned citizen regarding the poor health of a neighborhood dog. When Officer Richard Loos went to investigate, he found Trouble, a 5 -10 year old… Continue reading SPCA entry #2 Helping trouble