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The Place I Once Loved And Lived (Connecticut)

It tears my heart apart.
A state of mind I can not comprehend inside
A state I used to live and love
While I went to school away from a home
Where I called since my very own childhood
A state that I once met many a face that I could call a friend now a place where you have to never turn your head and keep peering over your shoulder instead
Hard to believe this breaking news I see…
This was not the state I had chose to stay and study and learn in my life back then.
This was somewhere I truly thiught about prayed about and missed for years. Now torn apart down deep into everyone’s hearts
Filling their eyes with tears
Making them hold tight their very own little ones hands and hugs so much more tighter instead. While crying out their hearts and eyes for all those innocent lives with their very own hearts for both. Reminding themselves and saying…That could have been mine instead.

In memory of those affected by the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School, CONNECTICUT


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I Am Proud To Be A Christian

I am proud to be a christian
I am proud to yell out his name
I do not fear or hide myself in shame
I am proud to be a christian

He doesn’t hide his love
he doesn’t let me go in front of friends or family
he holds me tight in front of all to see
He’s not afraid to proclaim me in public and world displays

He remains a friend
He tells me I can always call on him
He says he’ll never let go
he is always there whenever I need him

I am proud to be a christian
I’ll admit it for all to know
I’ll carry his picture in my heart locket wherever I shall go
I’ll share his story and all my grace of him with everyone I know

With him it doesn’t matter how i feel
it doesn’t matter what i look like
it doesn’t matter who I am inside
I am just as beautiful as ever as when he first saw me

He will never walk all over me or treat me bad giving me wronged names
he will always stand by me
reminding me of my beauty
telling me that I am worth everything

He will never shun me or name me a shame
He was who already gave me my name

I will not walk away
I’ll take his hand and walk along with him all the way

I know he will always be at my side
I know his heart and soul are pure
I know he will always accept me in
He will always hold me tight and call me friend

I am proud to stand firm
I am proud to be a christian
I am glad that he knows me
I am glad that he found me

I am proud to be a christian
This I shall never deny …

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Hold My Anchors Down

One grey dreary morning
Silent as the night
The breeze blowing across your face as clouds float by
The waves crash like thunder upon the drifting boat that is carrying me.
I am a ship lost at sea
Unsure if which direction I take
My life I follow unbound
At anytime I could just begin to drowned
Following no real turns
Following no maps
Following no direction in life
Just living as I drift
Doing best I can with one ore pulling me by
Yet even the best I get doesn’t pull along smooth
The best I can which is working for me is not at all working for our economy
What do you want from me
Do you not understand I am throwing out all my anchors I have
I am giving all that I have got to make all ends meet safe
I am giving out my everything that I can to keeps these waters from taking me down
If the best is not best then what is it that you expect.
I shall never give any less to help my children and I to survive
That would take everything away from what everyone wants for them
That would be effortless and too easy and not the way meant for safety
Sorry economy but I do not agree
I will not rip my family of what effort I can already put out to survive and protect what is rightfully my own.
You can makes the as rough as youd like and try to tear me down; however you shall not break my ore and crumble me down
I shall ride this rough see for as long as I can until it shall kill me
No matyer how hard you try to sink and drown me I by my will shall continue to float high.
Eventually in God’s due time I will find my path along the way that will lead me and guide me in the direction that I am meant to take
So I will continue to stand my ground and hold my achors down
You economy
You of the world
You of the secular realm
You will not break me down no matter how hard you try.

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Life In Transition And Homelessness

Being lost in the world and feeling no safe haven of your own trying to raise three kids who are at steak of being taken away, while trying to survive from this bitter two faced world of fear and disrespect. Life isnt easy while people look at you like a villain when you live homeless in transition and confusion yet. It’s really them who dont understand or even know what life is like for you. Yet they gloat as if they do. I try harder and harder yet to keep my head held high and my smile wide. Yet daily life is still the same and nothing has gone different or changed. With seven years without a job now and no roof to call my own, handicapped raising three kids on my own splurging on scraps and change to make enough change to make all ends meet.
A christmas made from gift cards of my money I have gained and saved. My emotions felt stay focused on one thing….the embrace of christ pulling me thru as my tears still fall from within both my eyes as I only continue so strong to try.


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I Awoke To A Day Without The Load

It was a day as any other day

So I thought as I may

I awoke to do just what I needed to throughout my busy scheduled day

I awoke to a day without the load

Piles rising high scattered across the frames of the floor

rising higher yet then ever before

as I had procrastinated and delayed my worst putting off what I had no time there for

awaking to once again begin my clean

learning this day was a day without the load

With my clothes soiled and dirty and lying around mad

I was desperate for one full load

Used to washing at least six in a day

to here washing none and nothing clean…

It was boggling and blowing my mind out of frame as my day went wacky unable to clean

Making me mad and unsteady in daily life

making me crazy, a freak full of dismay and strife

looking for a place to hide away.

This was the day I awoke with no load

it’s making me loose my mind.

The day I awoke without the load

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Where I Am Weak You Carry On And Stay Strong

Where I am weak you carry on and stay strong

My tollerance takes tolls as I try to continue to climb

Obsticles in my way blocking out my guiding light

I run at times

I run and hide

yet in it all get lost and tired out trying to find my way

Day by day I begin to break down and cry

still trying to grin and bare it still moving on

Life’s got a tight hold

a tight grip tearing into my vision and sight

my heart begining to bleed

my fingers begin to shake and tremble

I feel myself begining to go numb

I feel my stress tearing me down

Looking for life’s little high to help me reagin the strength to come back up high

Helping me to stand my ground

I turn my head and begin to again look around

With no words to be said

my feet still not sturdy on the rugged ground

I have more than once slipped and fell

this time i am having trouble being able to liift my head

My place has not been found or met

I’m at a hault with no help to get

no friend around to break my fall

as i suffer what energy i have within myself left

Where I am weak you carry on and stay strong

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SPCA entry #2 Helping trouble

Dear Reader,

Please help Trouble to get the surgery that she needs, to end her pain.

Last week, the Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement department received a call from a concerned citizen regarding the poor health of a neighborhood dog. When Officer Richard Loos went to investigate, he found Trouble, a 5 -10 year old female Miniature Pinscher. The infected sores covering her face and ears made it readily apparent that Trouble needed immediate medical attention.

Trouble was rushed to the Pennsylvania SPCA shelter hospital where she was examined by our veterinary team. It soon became clear that the sores on her face were a sign of something far more serious: a severely infected and ruptured ear canal.

A condition like Trouble’s does not happen overnight. It takes months or even years of chronic, untreated ear infections to irritate the ear canal to the point of rupture. Trouble’s suffering could have been avoided. After enduring so much discomfort from years of neglect, we want to end her pain once and for all.

The only way to permanently alleviate Trouble’s pain is a surgery called TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation). This surgery will completely remove Trouble’s ear canal and all of the diseased tissue, thereby making it impossible to become infected. Unfortunately, TECA is a specialized surgery, one that we are unable to perform at our shelter hospital. This is why we need you.

We need your help to raise the $2,000 necessary for Trouble to see a specialist, receive this life changing surgery, and finally bring an end to her suffering. Please make a gift today, so that Trouble can receive the surgery that she so desperately needs.

Thank You!

or call (215) 426-6304 x272

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The Pennsylvania SPCA | 350 East Erie Avenue | Philadelphia | PA | 19134

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