Listening To The Falling Rain

Another night without you as the rain hits upon the window pains The smell of smoke lingering into the night as pitter patters drip outside Where I lye listening to the falling rain The air damp and night silent All you here is the rasp of a passing car in the puddle as it goesContinue reading “Listening To The Falling Rain”

Earth Day – Mother Earth’ s Great Design

Give to mother earth that what she may need when you help mother earth with that which she may need  she in return with give unto you with streams so valenty flowing and rivers grown so wide praries full of grains meadows of bright beautiful flowers fields full of suprise Mother earth knows all atContinue reading “Earth Day – Mother Earth’ s Great Design”

Forty Steps Into Love And A Family- A Journey Into Love

The first time I told you how I felt I told you to give you hope that there was someone in the world who cared and had a deep enough care to be love for you I broke you from the silence that night as all our honesty poured out to heal each others wounds and giveContinue reading “Forty Steps Into Love And A Family- A Journey Into Love”