I Will Remain Standing Here Holding The Key

I asked you when you closed and locked that door are you sure and certain that there is a never more with a shattered heart of my very own I didn’t want to loose the warm tone and turn hard and cold forevermore I said to you that day that you threw it all awayContinue reading “I Will Remain Standing Here Holding The Key”

Freedom Of Life,Torn Between Two Lives

Torn between two lives i am where my lives as i am, while my soul lives out of my very own control living as he said and how he wants life lived my very own outside of my head screaming an escape and in search of the true freedom of life Living as i amContinue reading “Freedom Of Life,Torn Between Two Lives”

Listening To The Falling Rain

Another night without you as the rain hits upon the window pains The smell of smoke lingering into the night as pitter patters drip outside Where I lye listening to the falling rain The air damp and night silent All you here is the rasp of a passing car in the puddle as it goesContinue reading “Listening To The Falling Rain”