My Deepest Everything

We rarely speak anymore Yet we pass like two ships sailing the wide seas together Other thoughts always crossing each others minds day and night Yet your always there and never here by my side You really think that that is alright I’d rather be cuddling with you both day and night with you alwaysContinue reading “My Deepest Everything”

You Are The Difference- VOTE TODAY

Each year we gamble about what to do or not do about what should change and what should stay same each year a new debate about what’s working and what’s Hurting and hindering us be the voice speaks your mind take the vote YOU CAN be that difference in the next year coming tommorow StopContinue reading “You Are The Difference- VOTE TODAY”

The Voids Of My Own Desires … Adult Rated

I lye alone in the dark of night with you filling my head within my mind getting steamy and hother within my thoughts feeling my body begin to warm up. desperate for a nice kiss and a lot of caress and touch. All turned on and loose with my heart ready to feel ecstasy withContinue reading “The Voids Of My Own Desires … Adult Rated”

I Awoke To A Day Without The Load

It was a day as any other day So I thought as I may I awoke to do just what I needed to throughout my busy scheduled day I awoke to a day without the load Piles rising high scattered across the frames of the floor rising higher yet then ever before as I hadContinue reading “I Awoke To A Day Without The Load”

Your Legacy Will Live On…..In Memory of Officer Brad Fox

recognition of a friend after their life has passed by in the end two starngers left in life traveled by two opposite ways with twi different lives one knowing you’ve known him before. .. the other not even a chance to say goodbye two different people two different lives Taken suddenly by traggic death notContinue reading “Your Legacy Will Live On…..In Memory of Officer Brad Fox”

The Day We’ll Never Forget…..A Day They Call 9/11

The day we’ll never forget A day two planes flew through the sky leaving a jet stream unforgettable The day we all lost a friend, a child, a sister or brother a father or mother sheds a tear never like any other Miracles were born that day all evil was in sight with evil’s faceContinue reading “The Day We’ll Never Forget…..A Day They Call 9/11”