Faded Darkness

Faded by darkness night after day going to darkness fading away blinded by sight  mar and mar today is trembling the night away faded by darkness night after day Going to darkness fading away lost in the silence that stumbles my pathway shadows all  amongst saying whispers with the wind blowing silence by silence bringingContinue reading “Faded Darkness”

The Bunny Dance

Tap tap tapping Hop hop hopping Thump thump thumping Goes a bunnies feet A little nose wriggles A little tail jiggles Then a tap tap tap again goes the thump thump beats A jiggle of the nose A wiggle of the tails A hop hop hop And the bunnies do their dance A look intoContinue reading “The Bunny Dance”

My Deepest Everything

We rarely speak anymore Yet we pass like two ships sailing the wide seas together Other thoughts always crossing each others minds day and night Yet your always there and never here by my side You really think that that is alright I’d rather be cuddling with you both day and night with you alwaysContinue reading “My Deepest Everything”