Selfish Ambition

Selfish Ambition
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Kneeling At Your Feet

We fall down
You lift us high
Rising us like eagles
We reach out for your hand
We cry out in praise
Crying holy holy holy
Kneeling at your feet
Lifting our prayer
at the bottom of the cross
Knowing you paid ransom to give us life
You will raise us from the dead
What was once dead will live again
I stay kneeling at your feet in praise to you
For you are he the lord
You are almighty
You are God

Be Careful What You Speak

Be careful little tongue what you speak
Daggers go far and sharp from your mouth what you speak
Choices made
Prices will be paid
Give god all the glory
Sweet relief
In ways we never could be without you
Only you
I long for glorification
I speak your name
Knowing my heart doesn’t deserve your glory
Yet you remain true in love
Removing my chains
Restoring my peace
Living in reverence of me
My Saviour
My king
My everything

When I Rise

In the morning when I rise

Sun shining over head in sunset

When I am alone

I remember walking with you

When you’ve walked with me too

Birds flying over head

Making me keep my head up

For you’ve always promised that I am never alone

When I sit in silence

I hear my heartbeat

Remembering it was you who made me

Feeling breeze on me like your very breath

You give me perfect peace when I am in pain and feeling low

You calm all my storms around me

Taking all my burdens from within

When I come to die

You will still be close by

Still reminding me I will never be alone

When I come to die

Your love keeps me alive

Within eternity

My heart still continues beating

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