Faded Darkness

Faded by darkness night after day

going to darkness fading away

blinded by sight  mar and mar

today is trembling the night away

faded by darkness night after day

Going to darkness fading away

lost in the silence that stumbles my pathway

shadows all  amongst saying whispers with the wind

blowing silence by silence

bringing darkness my way

Tip Toeing Feathers- By Brie



Star Star

Eight little birds fell out of a tree one by one I picked them up they were happy.
Their hearts were filled with love. One by one they fluttered their feathers.
As if to dance and shake off the dust and tears in joy they now see.
Giggling I sit an watch. As each one as if to tip toe across within the grass.

Written by Brie Now Age 8

Your Not Now, And Shall Never be…Ever Ever Invisible In To Me

Lying here getting lost in your eyes ain’t no surprise. Thinking of you and how our love used to be full. I think of your smiles and the times that I had woth you. The thoughts of respect that I had for you. The memories i’ve carried forever along upo n my very own journeys. I think of the way we held hands and traveled place to place together. Always thinking along the same thought from time to time. You still mean the world to me even now from days left behind. I’ve put all the past behind so it does not hold any further resistance. Your not now and shall never be invisible to me. You just have to give a little and live life a free unsolved mystery in the learning to be. Your not now and shall never be ever ever invisible to me.

In One Moment Everything Could Change

In one moment everything can change
All we can see today could be gone tommorrow
We hold on tight to everything within our variety of life.
Giving us hope all along the way
Helping us move forward from where we may stand.
Then tragedy strikes and lives are taken away
Falling us back down to the ground where we once stood silent and unmoved and unchanged.
Then everything in life changed and we were on the way yo the better reality
When hell fire fell and sent us thru some sorta twister thing back behind us yet again to again find our strength to the open door ahead
We can’t let our fear hold us here. We have to find our way  ahead still as before.
Otherwise this circle shall never end.
Remembering that in one moment everything could change
That could be our last moments we see.

The Place I Once Loved And Lived (Connecticut)

It tears my heart apart.
A state of mind I can not comprehend inside
A state I used to live and love
While I went to school away from a home
Where I called since my very own childhood
A state that I once met many a face that I could call a friend now a place where you have to never turn your head and keep peering over your shoulder instead
Hard to believe this breaking news I see…
This was not the state I had chose to stay and study and learn in my life back then.
This was somewhere I truly thiught about prayed about and missed for years. Now torn apart down deep into everyone’s hearts
Filling their eyes with tears
Making them hold tight their very own little ones hands and hugs so much more tighter instead. While crying out their hearts and eyes for all those innocent lives with their very own hearts for both. Reminding themselves and saying…That could have been mine instead.

In memory of those affected by the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School, CONNECTICUT

Life In Transition And Homelessness

Being lost in the world and feeling no safe haven of your own trying to raise three kids who are at steak of being taken away, while trying to survive from this bitter two faced world of fear and disrespect. Life isnt easy while people look at you like a villain when you live homeless in transition and confusion yet. It’s really them who dont understand or even know what life is like for you. Yet they gloat as if they do. I try harder and harder yet to keep my head held high and my smile wide. Yet daily life is still the same and nothing has gone different or changed. With seven years without a job now and no roof to call my own, handicapped raising three kids on my own splurging on scraps and change to make enough change to make all ends meet.
A christmas made from gift cards of my money I have gained and saved. My emotions felt stay focused on one thing….the embrace of christ pulling me thru as my tears still fall from within both my eyes as I only continue so strong to try.

Rest In Peace, Rest Your Head

Rest your soul little one
Ease your mind
Lay your head upon the land
Settle your tiny feet
Life was short, and taken wrong
But in your new life you are safe from harm

Not what we the people wanted or saw in our eyes
But seems that God had a beautiful plan for you indeed
What we thought would come to be did not come at all.

You are innocent and pure
You will be remembered and loved forever more.

The way you left was wrong I know
But you’ve earned your wings and moved on to where you now belong and see

Quiet and rest your soul now little one. You soon will find yourself within a better and safer and more beautiful place

Rest your head, rest in peace
Ease your mind you now are defenately in a much safer and better place.

Dedicated to Saanvi Venna
Who’s life was cut too short and was taken from us by a wrongful way. May you rest in peace Saanvi Venna you shall always be remembered here forever with me.