I Have Never Been…

I have never been miss congeiniality, miss popularity, not even prom queen.

I have been in pagent’s, plays,battle of the bands and commuinty theaters, but never popular in any means.

Miss popularity, the singer, and miss USA have always been just that…dreams

You may look at my friends list and say “WOW, LOOK AT HER” She’s gotta be miss popular

but amazingly I never have been

I do have many friends, but that is just my memory of who and what good people who have touched my life in one way or another imprinting their trust, love, hope and pure generosity just for me to be able to reach out and touch me and my heart.

Miss popularity is okay but I have become happy today with just being me and finding my way in the truth that I made me this way. I became who I wanted to be that was suit just for me.

I created my inner piece of mind

I couldn’t do it without those people in my life who I entrust and can proudly call my friends to be able to send out those proper friend requests

It’s not all dazzle everyone believes but it is what each one makes of it. This is the true me.  

Who is HevnSwtAngel_BPV

Who has HevnSwtAngel become

given the name Jennifer Lynne as an infant

raised in Audubon Pennsylvania,USA

a small hardly known town of 6,549 people over the years.

I was the middle child between two boys also the only girl.

At age three I idled John Denver and the muppets

Made my parents play it for me for me to go to bed everynight.

That was where my journey began. I began to play dress up

and put on dramatic glamour shows for my family making my mom and dad

sit down an watch all that I put together.

Using myself I began to write short stories and poetry

By age five and seven i continued doing that with my friends

only began to sing and added in creating coriography dance moves into my home family performed shows

Then I took up ballet by age seven.

Loved doing so much that I have continued this as a dream throughout my life

into elementary and high school I began publicly performing and acting.

Into ninth grade I worked with “Main Line Modeling” agency

and although my family would not allow me to move into that agency further

i continued to believe within myself took n music and kept moving forward and creating more

each and every day.

At age 17 I was named as a “who’s who” national thespian.

Graduated from the local high school continued to some outside colleges and universities

taking up some more music theory classes.

I continued to write and dream

Then by the 1900’s I decided to begin to save and write my work online

used to use  a program called Firetalk and Yahoo to share my writings and sing.

loved it so much I decide to make an news page of updated things for my fans who loved it because I was so loved.

That is when I began to created my webpages.



Now age thirty seven

I still continue writing and singing each and everyday

as well as growing with new faces, followers, and fans

lots more supports

and am being read and acknowledged

through several countries and states around the world.

All happening since January 2015

by March 2015 I joined two phone apps

one called Smule

Which you can see on my HevnSwtAngel.com page

under TMCHevnSwtAngel.

The other called the voice

and now am part of a singer group called

 “Breaking Point Vocals” BPV for singing ID

Each week we have a competition song and we also create a group song together.

Also the site expose you to real artists, composers, and other music industry people.

In turn I also have been enjoying myself and

 relieving my thoughts and stress.

This is how Tigerloverz

moved to becoming HevnSwtAngel

then to now becoming HevnSwtAngel_BPV.

Now also back to just  HevnSwtAngel

Thank you everyone!!

Thanks to all my fans for all my support!! 

The Young Man, Angel And Wolf

As the wolf runs as fast as he can througout the forrest

 He finds a young man lying unconcious on the ground

The protector that the wolf is he lays down

under the shade of the tree to keep safe watch over the young man

within the shadows he stay till the sun arose the next day

then apeared in the mist of the early day an angel

within the glistening light of the sun

Her hair was so soft like that of soft baby rabbits

her eyes so wide, bright and beautiful

her wings as graceful as those of the flight of an eagle

together they awaited the young man to awake

when he finally wakes and rises to his feet

as the wolf takes his side to protect him

seeing that he is safe not to colapse and fall

as the angel takes his stare

as she gently explains that she was sent to be with him

to protect him saving his life

as he had taken a great fall down the steep revene

the angel told the wolf to always remain at his side

for if he should look death in the face again he will not be saved next time

so taking the young man under his sight

 they traveled together in search of the freedom of life

for the claiming of his plot of the land

with the race against time

this man ran his route in search of his land

cross river bed and wheat feilds he runs till he

finally spots his claim

with every single fight he won to give this land his name

stood the wolf by his side protecting him with fight and dominancy

he stuck his flag within his land

together the stood tall as they began to build a home on where they stood

this was how the young man became a hero then

with his new home

he sat in watch and took soldiers in as wounded they came

for this was his life

He did not want to see the fall of yet another man fall who fell wounded at his land

bringing them in one by one his wolf and he began their new journey

saving the soldiers outside his front door who they themselves were wounded in the war

helping them out he waited till they were well

then together he and wolf took them to find their own land

 forgetting the horrible trials of the war

this was the story of the young man, angel and wolf