Day At The Beach

Jumping high

Reach for the sky

Stars shining bright

In the night sky

Cool breeze

Across you toes

You’re feet sifting the sands

The sound of the waves on the shore

Burying shells again

Sand castles during the day

Whale watching to past time away

Pelicans that fly over head

Dolphins at play

While sand sharks and rays

Swim on by

Playing in the waves

Just a normal day I say

Sitting and exploring the beach

Now it’s time to go home for rest

Being on the beach is the best

What’s for dinner I say

Fish and crab legs

Let’s have a feast

Thanksgiving just around the corner

You’re having feast twice

Seafood amazing

Let’s not pass it up

That’s part of the beach experience

God’s Love

For you are guilty

You’re a sinner

But none of that take presence in Him

You feel uncomfortable

You feel unwelcome

You feel unworthy

But to him you are loved

He reaches out his hand to you

Everything you’ve needed

He’s always been there for you

He welcomes you in open arms

Lifted out to the heavens

To welcome you and me home

He just wants a relationship with him

To show and fill your heart with love

Bringing all the wounds to healing

The pains to comfort

And what is dead to life

He is miracles of all miracles

gods love is gracious



never failing

He loves you more than any other

Let Faith rise up

Heart believe

Let the words be shaken

O heart believe

When I am blind

You will give me sight

When I fall

You will lift me up

You’re relationships are always one

They are never ending

You are the Father

Son and Holy Ghost in one

You are the king on high

Your name is salvation of me

Your love is everlasting

Open Arms

I’m open arms

You hold me tight

Grasping every inadequacy

You take all within me

Giving me release

Each day

Breaking apart the walls

hiding all I have built

Each chisel breaking me down

Opening up locked up wounds

Where I ran to hide

More into peace I become

Knowing that you are by my side

Now I run to you for you make my path straight

Your eyes on the cross

That holds faith over fear

Erasing all negative within me

Cleansing me instead

For you are the king

The man in the white robe

Making all white as snow within me

Search For God

In a lonely cloud he wanders

Thoughts of rejection

Thoughts of depression

Thoughts of death taking over him

Suicide his ticket number

Evil lurking and surrounding him

Darkness befalls him

He’s blinded by loss and denials

He can not see the truth in him

He searches for the emptiness that engulfs him

When the truth of Christ lies right before him

He sees the book his dad once carried

Though in his heart the darkness surrounds him

Darkness of pain




It all clouds his brain

As he walks within the fog

Evil tearing at his every weakness

When all he needs to search for is God

Winter Scenes

Sun and earth

Sky and sea

Picture perfect images to see

Sun and earth warm and still

Sky and sea shadows fall

A winter chill on a cold snowy night

Brisk breezes fly through the air

As sugarplums dance

Nutcrackers line the shelves

And mistletoe hangs the halls

Carol of the bells and jingle bells ring the streets

As Santa meets the king

Lying in a manger he once lay

Now a guiding light you can see

Sun and Earth

Sky and sea

What thoughts and images would you see

Beauty Of Lilly

Little Lilly

Smelling so fine

Look at your petals standing up high

Little Lilly

So vibrant colors

Such unique design

Little Lilly

Blowing in the wind

Feel the breeze against your leaves and stem

Little Lilly

Standing tall

Such color to show

Looking like a star in the night

You would brighten any day

You would chase all shame away

Little Lilly

Breathe on me your beauty

Open up and make me smile

Little Lilly you can do it all

Just be you and catch the breeze

Catch the rain

Catch the sun

Sleep under the stars and moon

And just be beautiful you

Christmas Time Love

Oh night Devine
Sweet love of mine
Caress in the midnight breeze
Oh night divine
Under the mistletoe we kiss
Rocking around the Christmas tree
In song and dance we’ll be jolly
As we stray to bed
Legs wrapped like in pretzels
As we snuggle under the stars from the sky
By the fire place we lay
Imagination in creativity
Bodies warming in love
Gazing in your eyes
Twinkles shine in them bright
Embracing you is my life song
I miss you most at Christmas time
Chills fill the air
Smells of pine, baked apples and turkey
In the season
But most of all I miss you at Christmas
New Years is also never the same
Holidays I get by except at Christmas when I look into your eyes