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I am a mother of three children. Age 41. Living homeless under the wings of God in a hotel and the angels around me keeping me going and safe.

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Musicman2001’s Music

Musicman2001’s Music

My nephewimg_6020


Christopher Palmer’s Noteflight songs

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Shallow Water Flowing Free

Shallow Water Flowing Free

Shallow water flowing free

Mesmerizing life and me

Sending waves up the shore

Crashing down upon the land

Shallow water flowing free

What kind of gift shall you present me

Whisper of wind over land and sea

Such beauty forever do you bring me

Sounds of a babbling brook ahead

Trickle of the stream you’ve built for me

Shower of the waterfall within the thicket

no complaints shall I bring

Shallow water flowing free

what calm serenity have you set upon me

Beauty within each of your banks

Sand sifting under thy feet

Beauty between land and sea

Calm and happy you make me

Shallow water flowing free

Continue to flow so brilliantly

What peace and tranquility

What wildlife who enjoy to play

within and amongst your lakes and streams

Bringing beauty back again

Making dreams reality

Shallow water flowing free

Continue with the currents that pull at me

You bring into life so magically

Shallow waters stay with me

Let me hear you music and song

As it sets me at rest so peacefully

Hush to hear upon my ear

Shallow water flowing free

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Linville Studios

Linville Studios

Art for sale by Linville Studios. If you are interested in a work of art or a photo print send inquiries to ✉️:
Where to find us:
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In Angels Eyes

You are the star in my night
The sun in my day
The flower given to me to brighten my day
You are the love that no one else sees in me
The truth come forth where lies grave the way
You are the best gift God have to me
You are my friend through eternity
You are the newborn joys and memories to look over me
In angels eyes I now can see
You are forever important to me
I love you

I miss you

Hope that you have a good day and know that your remembered these holidays
You mean so much to one single soul
You never know how making her whole is a delicacy it something that means so much to me.
Your Sugarplum

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You Are The World To Me

You mean the world to me

you are my everything

Your my every breath

My every word

You are the world to me

I don’t mean to make us fight

I don’t like when we fight

You are the world to me

You are my everything

Without you I am nothing

You make me whole

You make me complete

You understand me as no one can

Without a sound you can sing a song

Make my heart beat to every note

You are the world to me

You are my everything

Without you I am nothing

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Together Forever You And Me

In the bliss of the moment of each waking day

To hold onto forever and sit and pray

You open my eyes to a shining new day

Melting my heart taking any pain away

Subtle moment serenity and peace

Living a dream I never thought I’d see

I wake up to your compassion each and every day

As I turn and look you take my breath away

Smiling and peaceful you put me to sleep

Letting me rest without a peep

Your hands gently running through my hair

Relaxing me just knowing you are there

Beauty never looked so fine

Knowing in my heart you’ll always be mine

Forever and always is how we’ll remain

Together forever you and me

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