Radio station early show imposible queastion now worth 303 dollars….answer ideas please need help

One out of 4 of us will do this at work……what is it??!/HevnSwtAngel2/posts/2011708811922?notif_t=feed_comment I have created a poll to try to gain answers and feedbacks POLL HERE

Everything Is Planned, This Is How Everything Goes

We live our lives each day on the edge of our seats thinking we may have it all made and that things may be going our way Although most of the times finding out we’re not right Trying to pull everything together in one big pile but never can Life just simply goes just asContinue reading “Everything Is Planned, This Is How Everything Goes”

Monsters In Her Closet And Under Her Bed

She lies in her bed in the dark, dark room and tries to sleep Although the shadows creep up around her keeping her awake She begins to tremble lying within her bed Listening to all the sounds around her and the lights on the walls she becomes truly afraid She tries to pull her shadesContinue reading “Monsters In Her Closet And Under Her Bed”