I’m Thinking Of Someone

I’m thinking of someone I can not see
I’m thinking of someone who fulfills my every dreams
I’m thinking of someone I know would take care of me
I’m thinking of someone who means the world to me

I’m thinking of someone who is bitter sweet
I’m thinking of someone too far away, yet closer than any new day
I’m thinking of someone I think of each and every day
Even though we don’t always speak at all times
Thinking of someone who I know would complete me
I’m thinking of someone who gets lost in life without me

I’m thinking of someone who takes all my fears away

Yet in life things don’t always go as you may see
So for now, I must face that it’s just me

Shadows Of The Darkest Night

Shadows in the darkest night.
The hearts beat to rhythms within the night.
Full moons shine through the clouds up in the midnight sky.
Falling on the walls you’ll see the shadows slowly and creepy crawl.

Shadows in the darkest night.
Makes you feel the dreaded fright.
Feeling as if all eyes are peering down upon you.
Situations of each and every nation, all of God’s creation.
Thoughts of different cultures stories haunting you.
Shadows of the darkest night falling down upon you like satins rain from the gates beneath the underground where luisifer takes his rule.
Shadows of the darkest night are taking ahold.

Miss Popularity

I have never been miss congeiniality, miss popularity, not even prom queen.

I have been in pagent’s, plays,battle of the bands and commuinty theaters, but never popular in any means.

Miss popularity, the singer, and miss USA have always been just that…dreams

You may look at my friends list and say “WOW, LOOK AT HER” She’s gotta be miss popular

but amazingly I never have been

I do habe many friends, but that is just my meory of who and what good people who have toucjed my life in one way or another imprinting their trust, love, hope and pure generosity just for me to be able to reach out and touch me and my heart.

Miss popularity is okay but I have become happy today with just being me and finding my way in the truth that I made me this way. I became who I wanted to be that was suit just for me.

I created my inner piece of mind

I couldn’t do it without those people in my life who I entrust and can proudly call my friends to be able to send out those proper friend requests

So I dedicate this writing to all those people i call my friends list

I would rather have you as my friends rahter than to be miss popularity

You Don’t Know A thing About me

You don’t know who I am inside
You don’t know a thing about me
You try to run me and rule me, but you don’t know a thing about me
You think you know it all
but in life you don’t know a thing that comes and goes until you’ve passed it thru
When you think that you’ve got it all matched up in the palm of your hand and that you can run the show
That is when I have to say again once more you don’t know a thing
You don’t know a thing about me
You can try to change and put void in my life, but you can’t because you don’t know what I like or hate
You don’t know me,my life or even who I am
You just don’t know who I really am
You don’t know a thing inside of the small things that I hide.
You just don’t know me like you say or think that you do. You don’t know a thing about me. Who I am, or my life.You don’t know me as I know myself. You don’t know who I am inside. You pretend as if you know it all. You don’t cry or get upset. You just come in like you are mr high king that you think you can pull me in school.

Scattered Lives

Pieces scattered among every landscaped that is named and written among the sands of times. Tears aren’t even able to express the feelings hidden deep within my deepest corner of my treasured heart where you are forever bound deep into what health has left to spare within me. It’s magic that we have held out or on this long. Life’s turmoils, tears, and mountains have been pushed aside as we have followed on ahead. It’s magic that we together have lasted as one. I remain still with no where to go as I focus safety first and the best of the best, holding strong while putting our love to the test. Scattered pieces of life throughout the land as I stay steady and focus lying in my bed. These are our scattered lives.

Pushing The Tears Aside



When your eyes cry you always seem to try and push all the tears away.

Never knowing which way you will travel next, which route will hold the key.

Somehow you just let tears fall to the boards of the floor, rolling off your cheek.

Mellow and sad not always understanding and surpassing each hill you have climbed.

Fear sets in as you begin to panic.

Feeling manic and in disarray, stress begins to cloud your focus among your boggled mind.

so distraught and upset felling that life is not following the path which you envision in your journey.

You begin to sweet, get clammed hands and tremble with horror of your path your in along your way.

Bitter sweet seems sour and raw now as your turmoil becomes more real.

You thought that you would find happiness soon, yet you’ve watched it all be taken away and disappear out of sight as with the ending of the day.

Intimidated and jealous of others who have already found their paths out of their own lost ways.

You feel no hope and want to run and hide, never to be found or return to this side.

persevering on you try to keep faith as all you once had has lost it’s very own place.

The plan you had once seen has fallen apart in shambles of this life.

If you don’t catch yourself soon, what you once knew as stable you, stable life view will soon be scattered throughout the lands as the loss of hope will one day finally consume you as well.

returning you to when your eyes cry you always seem to try and push all the tears aside

Puppy Love

My puppy is an angel

more like a princess

everybody loves her

The unicorns are shining down on her

with sparkles from above

While angels see her face

with her beauty they start to cry

she’s a loving carefree puppy

I love my puppy very much

she out numbers every puppy

 in the whole wide world

Some puppies are cute

 but my puppy is the cutest

that ever there was

I would never hurt or harm my puppy ever

She is the best puppy I have ever known

I love my puppy so much

my love overwhelms my beats of my heart

 my puppy love will go on till the day that my heart beats stop beating

Written by: BrieAnna, Age 7

Your Judgement Day

you stand upon a rock hoping no one will come your way. looking at the world in many different rays. seeing the light beams shine and shadow in different clouds of ray. Thinking upon yiur own life and realizing your own disaray and dismay. Hoping that no one is watching along but you. Naming yoir own disaster that you know rings true. The coming of tomorrow to face your own day. The day of judgement has come for you. Your very own judgement day. wanting no bad names or mocking to ring in amd sound, you hold your head low hoping that no one will mock you or make fun of you goving you your due. Letting you do what needs to be done for you alone to face your own judgement day as it should be. It’s not theirs it’s yours and they have no say eventhough they think they may.
face today what will come tomorrow. The coming of your judgement day.

My Tangled Web

tangled in a web that does not end. Day by day i stand by looking for someone whom i could call a friend. Standing alone with a web piling high each day of my life. Whisping in the cold breeze of the wind becoming worne and dry in the warm sunlight as it gains holes from wear and tear in my life that is going no where. Why do i worry and why do I care? because It is all I have in life to save and try to form in right. It is my kids, my blood all my name has left to live for and at least continue and fight yo try. It’s my tangled web of life.