Prayer Requests and Praise Reports for March 5, 2021

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports for March 5, 2021

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports for March 5, 2021
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Count Your Many Blessings

It’s gotta start right here

It’s gotta start right now

As heaven touches earth

Every act of love

God gives all

Alive in us

your light shines through

Little whispers in our heart

Blind but could see in soul

Deaf but could hear what needs to be heard

Mute but speaks louder than words could go

Counting every blessing

Every little miracle

Show me your heart

Unspoken words

Unseen visions

Unanswered prayers

You need to have faith and believe

With every act of love

Jesus carry’s all

Help us carry you

We’re living, walking, breathing, miracles

Rhyme and reason can not bring sense

What are you waiting for

You need to have faith and believe

Jesus carry’s you

He speaks words you can’t ignore

Count your every blessing

Let him be alive in you

It starts here and all begins with you

Lay Down Your Heart Broken with Scars

My feet are on the rock

The foundation for the future

Broken with scars

Before I spoke your name

You were watching over me

The crown worn on your head showing glory and love in your fall

You have been my rock

My feet are on the rock

The foundation for the future

There’s no shadow you can’t find

No mountain too high

You can hide nothing from your sight

The overwhelming love you show to me

I am everything within your sight

You are my rescue

Come broken hearted and scars

Lay down you heart and pain

In hope for the hopeless

Hear his word

Let him live out his name

His story of fame

Let him love you and keep you strong


Come as you are

Lay down you burdens

Lay down your pains

He will cover all and love you always

Come as you are

Put it in your heart and believe

Silent Words That God Hears

And in his weakness he shimmers his life

As he sits in fervent forever prayers

Meditating on god’s words

Hold out his hands

He’s got soul

He can’t run

In his weakness he lights the way in dedicated prayers

He knowingly refuses to turn away from the wrongs that haunt

Silent words unspoken leading ways unseen that only God knows

Another Day

In a desolate place I sit and cry

No one but myself knowing why

A land of misfits and mysteries

And myself a ball of unanswered callings and prayers places I hesitate in a desolated place

A place so barren I can not focus

Lost in the darkness upon my path

Mislead in plague and disease

Shadows that lurk upon dirt filled trails and only you my father can save me now for saving myself is not of me but of you as you trust in me

Removing shadows from this desolate design as healing proceeds it’s way lost and burdened I fall and fail yet in life you accept me and save my value in my ways

You take my wrath and scars away

No signs of shame overcome me

Fear washed by glory in a new day

For in your eyes you see value in me

you release all the soils within me

Giving me another day

I Want To Be Different

I want to be different

I want to be blessed

My heart broken

A log in my eye

Blind in all I see and do

Mute in spoken and unspoken words

Words carried and lifted out

Fervent in prayers

For the kingdom comes in love

Footsteps double in sight

Where Jesus carried you

Blind in existence

For my eyes look past the love and see evil and wrong done

Nothing can separate you from love

But I want to be different

I want to walk in the way of good all of my days

I want to be exceptionally Different

I want to open my eyes to more

I want to see and be more

I want to be amazing

For the kingdom is love

I’m not perfect and don’t pretend to be

I need a miracle to be more than I could ever be

I want to be different

I want to see you

I know you want my heart

My whole life and all my scars

I want to see where I am blind

I want to hear when I am deaf

I want to hold words and speak them loud when I’m mute and can’t speak out at all

I want to be different and more like you

Love In What We Know In Truth

1 John 3:18 (New King James Version)

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My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.

We are not to love in words or in that we speak but in deed and truth of what we know that which is in evidence of what we can see,touch,hold, feel for if we love in what is spoken we are not living and loving in truths and what has been taught to us by God but by what is of Satin for it is not love from each other but love of money or some other nature in what is spoken

1 John 3:18

My little children, let us not love in word, neither in


Which though it holds good of love to God, and to Jesus Christ, yet here is to be understood of love to the brethren, as the context shows; and so the Syriac version reads, “let us not love one another in word” that is, without the heart, or with a double heart; speaking one thing with the lip, and designing another thing in the heart; speaking peaceably with the mouth, and with the heart laying wait; or we should not love in this manner “only”; and so the Arabic version of De Dieu adds. It is very lawful, and right to express our love to one another, and to all men in words, to give good words, and use courteous language, and speak in a kind, tender, and affectionate manner, and especially to persons in distress; but this should not be all, it will be of no avail to say to such, be warmed and filled, and give them nothing but these good words, nothing to warm and fill them with; see ( James 2:15 James 2:16 ) ;

but in deed and in truth;

for true love is a laborious and operative grace, hence we read of the work and labour of love; it shows itself by the saints serving one another, in spirituals; as by bearing one another’s burdens, forbearing with, and forgiving one another, praying for each other, and building up one another on their most holy faith; exhorting each other to the duties of religion, and not suffering sins upon one another, but admonish in love, and restore with meekness; and in temporals, distributing to the necessities of the saints, ministering: to them of their worldly substance, and supplying their daily wants: and this is loving “in deed”, or “in work”; this is actual love, love in fact, and what is apparent and evident: and it is “in truth”, when it is in reality, and not in show only; and when it is cordially and heartily done, with cheerfulness, and without grudging.

Verse Thoughts

A godly character that reflects the likeness of Christ is one that loves others as Christ loved us. The love about which the Bible speaks is different from every other type of human love, and is uniquely imparted to the child of God, from the indwelling Spirit of truth and love.

The Lord Jesus laid down His life for His friends.. and for His enemies. He sacrificed His life for US, and we are instructed to do the same for others. We are directed to lay down our lives, in sacrificial love for our fellow men.

It is comparatively easy to love in word and tongue. It is reasonably simple to say I love you to other people, but the test of genuine love is expressed in deed and in truth.

It is not simply expressing affection through what we say, but through the giving up of ourselves for the service of others, no matter what the cost, in time, money, reputation – and even life itself.

It is a ‘dying to self’ and a ‘living for Christ’, which is manifest in works of righteousness for the benefit of others – and to the greater glory of God. It is dying to our own self-interest and letting the beauty and love of the Lord Jesus be seen in us – so that it flows out to others, in our actions and attitude.

To love in word is contrasted with loving in deed. It is translating one’s affectionate words into meaningful, practical deeds, through the sufficient grace of God. The former is to talk about caring, while the latter is to express unconditional love, in action.

To love in tongue is contrasted with loving in spirit and in truth. The former is an insincere and artificial affection, while the latter is a genuine godly love, that is manifest in a life that cares for the concerns of others before one’s own needs or wishes.

Make no mistake – to love in deed and in truth is not something that we can do for ourselves, however hard we try! We cannot love in deed and in truth through a training programme, mental exertion or fleshly effort. To love in deed and in truth is a supernatural love, that comes directly from God Himself, and can only be manifested in the life of a born-again believer – who is walking in spirit and truth.

Loving in spirit, in word, in deed and in truth is evidenced in the life of one who has died to the self-life, abides in Christ and is able to say with the apostle Paul – it is not I that live my life, but Christ, Whose life is in me and living through me.


Battle Scars Left Unbroken

In her faith she stands strong

Tears coming to the surface

As she knows emotionally she has traveled long

A burden in the night as fear overwhelms her sight

She fights the whispers of her mind telling her he’s not alright

Love overflowing for all who he is

Holding onto faith that shines bright

Bringing tears down her face

Knowing it’s the only answer in prayer she seeing the discomfort in his eyes as he withers and hides from the chemo that is barring down his neck

That is making him weak, unhappy and horrible in life

She knows his strength and will

His determination and hopes

But this is outweighing all a burden on his survival she just prays he’s always alright

Her dreams shattered throughout life as her biggest dream HIM looking in his eyes her peaceful place her faith bubbling over in safety he is all she needs and she can’t have vim without her faith in Christ

It is truly where she stands

Kneeling hand in hand in fervent prayer asking to remove all her fear replacing it in her biggest deepest desire HIM asking God to take all that belongs to this cancer disease away

Her eyes swollen shut as her tears fill her pillow at night

Only he has the way and can change the outcome for her love’s journey cancer free she pleads and pleads in fervent prayers

In hopes that he will hear and answer her