The Still Darkness

Alone in the darkness

she sees her deepest fears

Lightening flashes

like her life before her eyes

The room pitch black consuming what little flames of glimmer still shines

Her heart beating within her chest like the rhythm of a drum

margarita on the window sills as she peers out it in the blackness of her fear

Repeating the pastors words in her mind over and over again

Faith over fear dear one faith over fear

As she turns away the pain the one so hard to let go for she knows what really hides inside the eruption of dark crevices of her blind stare

She sees only the drink on the window sill growing oh so cold

It’s not her but the still darkness from which she holds in her soul

Laying down a knife she cries

For the bitter breath leaves sour bitter taste she falls to her knees and prays at her last hope to God the father and the pastors help

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