Fade To Black She Cries

When your heart hurts and loves

Whimpers and cries

Tears fall from your eyes

Your hands trembling

Heart pounding

Thumping against you chest

Sweat dripping from your brows

Tear stains of mascara fill her face

Her heart bleeds

As she falls to her knees

He’s all her dreams

and all she believes in

Yet failing she seems to fade

as she feels like in him she betrayed

She’ll never love anyone

He was the only one

Falling in scars

Pieces on the floor

She wipes the smudges of her face once more dripping to the floor

Her heart broken in two she cries

She never wants to say goodbye

So she cries day and night

Nothing is the same

Fade to black

which had once been white

Fade to black she cries

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