Abide In The Vine In The Image Of Christ

1 John 2:6

New Living Translation

6 Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.

The people who proclaim their lives in God should live humble as Jesus did as with his father proclaiming in the image of Christ

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the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.

1 John 2:6(NASB)

Verse Thoughts

The ultimate fruit of the Spirit towards which all Christians are pressing is to be like Christ in His humanity – to live as He did, in total dependence upon His heavenly Father. To walk as He did.. in spirit and in truth – to do only those things that He heard from the Father. To live as God desires us to live is to learn in all things to rejoice and say: My bread is to do the will of My Father – so that no matter what we face in life we can say with Jesus.. Thy will not mine be done.

We are first called to abide in Christ for He is our heavenly Vine and we are the branches. It is only as we draw our life from the one Who is the true and living Vine that we can say and do those things that are pleasing to the Father. Jesus is the one and only life-giving Artery by Whom our new born-again life is energised.

God knows the importance of our abiding in Christ.. for without Him we can do nothing. Without His life flowing through us we are powerless to do anything that is of eternal value to the glory of God. And so before we can walk in His ways by faith.. and respond to His call to walk in spirit and truth – we are to abide in Him and He in us.

Every believer is positioned in Christ and we are all a part of His Body and accepted in the Beloved. Our salvation is by grace through faith in Him, but not every Christian abides in Christ.. which results in a carnal walk, a fleshly lifestyle and a wasted life that is influenced by the old sin nature rather than being enlivened by the new life in Christ.

A Christian that fails to abide in Christ becomes a worldly believer.. who lives a barren, unfruitful life and is of little value in the greater plans and purposes of God. Every Christian knows that we are called to ‘abide in Christ’.. and the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as Jesus walked. Sadly not all Christians walk in spirit and truth but instead they live a barren, fleshly existence.

It is only as we abide in Him, rest in His love; trust His word and look to Him in all things that we can walk in His ways and bring forth much fruit to His praise and glory. It is only as we abide in Christ that we can walk as Jesus did. He lived his life looking to the Father moment by moment just as we are called to keep our eye looking to Jesus – the Author and Finisher of our faith

The beauty of the inner abiding in Christ as we surrender to His will, reflect on His word and hearken to the inner guidance of His Holy Spirit is that we will walk in His way – and receive the power to live as He lived. As we abide in Him we will be empowered by His Spirit to walk as He walked and become an outward expression of the indwelling Spirit of Christ.

Although He was fully God, Jesus was also fully Man and we are called to be like Christ in His humanity – walking humbly before God. If we are walking

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What does 1 John 2:6 mean?

This verse completes John’s thought which was begun in verse 5. Anyone claiming to “abide” in Christ should “walk,” or live, as Jesus lived.

This is frequently mentioned as John’s ultimate proof for how a person knows he or she is a believer: A believer in Jesus lives like Jesus. True Christians grow to act more and more like Christ. Those who don’t demonstrate a Christ-like lifestyle are—at minimum—failing to provide evidence of their salvation. Still, absence of evidence is not always evidence of absence. In other words, failure to grow or change in one’s life is not an infallible sign of being lost, nor is a continued struggle with sin. However, anyone who claims to be “in Christ” but fails to live like Him certainly does not have a fellowship relationship with Him.

In chapter 1, John stated that even believers can and do sin. When a Christian sins, they are to confess to God, who will forgive (1 John 1:9). If a person does not live like Christ, and does not confess sin, it gives evidence that the person may not be a true believer. In this letter, John is primarily dealing with believers, and those who falsely claim to be following Christ’s commands. Those who fail to follow Christ’s will, but say they have “fellowship” with Him, are liars. While it’s technically possible for such people to have saving faith, there is no way for them to produce spiritual fruit. The consequences of sin remain, even if we are free from the eternal penalty.

Context Summary

First John 2:1–6 both encourages and warns Christians about sin. John reassures his readers that when a saved believer sins, Christ will plead our case with God. Jesus is our substitute, taking the punishment for our sins. At the same time, John warns that those who claim to know Christ, yet disobey Him, are lying to themselves and others. Anyone who claims to have fellowship with Christ should live as if that is true.

Chapter Context

Chapter 2 explains the fellowship Christians have with God. Christ is our advocate, even when we sin. Christians are not to love things of the world, or to love the world. Instead, we are to live, love, and act like Christ. False teachers, and those who deny Jesus are called ”liars.” Those who demonstrate a Christ-like behavior are ”born of” God

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