The Body And Spiritual Gifts

1 Corinthians 12:4

New Living Translation

4 There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all.

Not everyone receives spiritual gifts those who do are honored with and blessed. There are many different types of spiritual gifts but all of the same spirit that is all the Holy Spirit

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Verse Thoughts

The human body consists of many different components but it is one unit. There are many hidden internal organs and a multiplicity of visible external members.

Each has its own unique function, and yet every single body-part needs to interact with every other member, and work together synergistically in order to maintain a strong, healthy, functioning body.

When one member does not work correctly, or is impaired, paralysed, in pain, or disconnected, it has a significant effect on the rest of the body. This interrelationship of every aspect of the human body is used, by Paul, to illustrate the beautiful way that each member of the body of Christ is important to the whole, and should function and interact with all other members.

Christ is the Head of the body, and just as the head of a human body is the control tower which governs every internal organ and directs each external member to work together in synergistic harmony, so it should be with every member of the body of Christ, which is the Church – for HE is our Head.

Each member is unique, and every individual part has his or her own, particular job to do. Each part of the body has its own important function within the entire body, but when one member is sick, or functioning incorrectly, it has a devastating effect on the efficacious operation of the whole, “for even as the body is one and yet has many members, though they are many, there is one body – so also is Christ.”

Paul was not trying to give us an anatomy lesson, but was using something that is very familiar to everyone, to stress the importance of each Christian functioning efficiently. Some members will be very visible, while others quietly carry out the work that God has prepared for them to do in the place where God has planted them. All, however, contribute to the effective functioning of the Body of Christ. And God is no respecter of persons, for all have their own unique role to carry out in God’s ongoing plan of redemption.

Although we are all individual people and have diverse backgrounds, different experiences, varying gifts, unique abilities, and individual characteristics, we are all ONE in Christ. Although we are individual members, we are mutually dependent. As members of Christ’s Body we are to work together in holy love and Christian harmony. Christ is to be made manifest to a broken and hurting world through the Body of Christ, which is the Church – for individually and collectively we are His witnesses.

Every believer is equipped with certain ain spiritual gifts and graces, which should complement the gifts and graces of other believers. As the Church of God we should combine our graces and spiritual gifts, to express the beauty of Jesus to a world that is dead in trespasses and sin.

Just as the human body is the vehicle by which a man or woman expresses their character and personality, so the Church is the channel through which Christ Jesus is enabled to reveal Who He is, and what He has done, as recorded in the Word of God – so that the world


What does 1 Corinthians 12:4 mean?

Paul spoke in the previous verse of the Spirit of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. In other words, he mentioned all three members of the Trinity or the Godhead. Now he begins to do the same in reverse order, beginning here and continuing his thought through verse 6.

Paul is preparing to give the Christians in Corinth very specific information about the spiritual gifts given to every believer by the Holy Spirit. He starts by revealing there are a variety of different gifts. Each serves a different purpose in the church. His main point here, though, is that there is only one Holy Spirit, the same one that occupies every person who comes to faith in Christ.

In other words, the Spirit is not given to some Christians and not others (Romans 8:9). Those who are saved all have the same, the only, Spirit of God with them. There are not different versions of God’s Spirit, though there are different kinds of gifts given to believers by Him. Differences in spiritual gifts are not, at all, differences in spiritual value or salvation.

Context Summary

First Corinthians 12:1–11 details Paul’s specific teaching on what spiritual gifts are, who receives them, and why they are given. Every believer in Jesus is spiritual, because each Christian has God’s Spirit with him or her. The Spirit gives one or more spiritual gifts to every believer for the common good, to be used in service to the church. Nobody acquires or earns their own gifts. The same Spirit gives them away, for free, as He sees fit, meaning that having one or the other gift does not make a Christian more important than another.

Chapter Summary

Apparently in response to further questions from Corinth, Paul describes what spiritual gifts are, who receives them, and what they are for. His emphasis is that particular spiritual gifts do not make believers spiritual. Every believer is spiritual because every Christian has God’s Spirit with him or her. In addition, the Spirit gives one or more spiritual gifts to each believer to be used to serve the church. The church is like a body, in which every part is needed, and all the parts exist to serve one another. Every believer must discover how they are gifted by the Spirit and value the function they serve in Christ’s body

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