The Coming Is Sooner Than You think

For no one knows a time or place and no one knows the way but it is here and time to prepare before you can’t I only wish blessings and love upon you all and if you want to know how to come to the father there is still time before it is too late and to learn how to do so I invite you to the steps of faith page on our site I created titled

For God Listenze and hears all that you speak

Hear this

See this

And proclaim this tonight verbally and in your ear for the time is upon us and more than near

Psalm 130:5

New Living Translation

I am counting on the Lord;

    yes, I am counting on him.

    I have put my hope in his word

I am hoping for and counting on the Lord to walk beside me and with me as he always has in faith since I was a child I have been in specific situations to have healing affect on certain situations and my favorite hymn has always been eye on the sparrow and I come to the garden

Favorite scripture has always been psalm 139 and Hebrews 11 which talk about the beginning of the unformed body in the mother’s womb and a story of faith in my picture I wear a hat faith over fear that is my testimony sentence as I lived a life of sexual abuse and beatings and rapes my first time introduced in sex being a rape through it I lived the rest of my life in fear especially of the unknown in sex I lived life as a scared rebellious child because it’s how I was traumatized so I would give in out of fear to the act of sex in fear of hurt and pain again of being hurt or raped my family couldn’t take my rebel in me especially my mom as she and i spoke of the rebel in me and how I was different and had to live by faith for who o was yet I never believed so she sent me with my dad off to a National Youth Conference in hopes of someone releasing my rebellion not knowing what I had actually been through of being raped multiple times my virginity taken the first time in the crucifixion style rape I rebelled about going to Colorado to this conference and so my parents in their dismay actually physically forced me onto the bus to go away not in abuse but very stern

It was the climax of my life

I can not tell you the woman who spoke that very day but she spoke on drugs, abuse and rape and I mocked each speaker as they stood and claimed there prayers and preachings till she came up and began her speech I stopped intensely my words and laughter I had and actually felt inclined in pull to listen to what she had to say as she spoke immediately uncontrollably I began to cry I was standing at the time and fell suddenly to my knees in Wales of cries so weak I could not have held myself if I had tried as I had she offered for all to come to one anointer or another anointer for a blessing and anointing

I had never been witness or exposed to that yet at that time but felt compelled to go where I was being drawn and compelled me to go I went to the team member standing there in fear of the unknown of what shall come and as the human can not remember if male or female anointed me I again fell into my knees weak only this time again in loud boasting tears I cried I felt a presence flow like water over and throughout my body as the Holy Spirit flowed within me and baptized me as well that day the rest of the day I stayed to myself unsure of what I had been through in a week I returned home and was no longer a rebel that’s when I opened up for the first time to anyone about my rapes and allowing myself out of fear to give in to other men the same and spoke myself as a teen in need of a final release I went to my pastor at Green Tree Church of The Brethren as had been told and I sat alone with him for about 2 hrs as we spoke and expressed to him that I wanted to become a member of the church he assured me that could be done as he prepared for me to go through classes to become a member and if willing a baptism as well

I started attending these classes and was asked to give up three things in covenant to God

1. Sex

2. Foul and vulgarity of my lips

3. Drinking and smoking to release stress

That was how my story began

I released those three things in covenant to open my spirit for what was next in my fear and faith walk

Luke I know when you read this you’re gonna cry for I haven’t begun to tell you my entire testimony yet only pieces along the way

June of 1994 I was saved and baptized by faith in the unbelievers and unknown of the Holy Spirit and faith in Christ I never felt worthy enough until I began to understand my journey in faith

In 1998 or 1999 I had a vision in a small group in Birmingham Alabama where I attended a mission faith trip to rebuild a single mother house completely demolished by a hurricane and she survived with her two children huddled in a small tub while the house was ripped from around her so while I was in this small group I envisioned I was going to have no offense meant to anyone in this but I was told and envisioned I was going to become pregnant with a black baby it was specifically spoke that way to me no offense meant I’m all love I burst out at the leader in question for I did not understand as I had given that part of my life up and had no known boyfriend I was extremely upset and questioned it and my faith and myself for I knew the word I spoke out loud to God and claimed as my faithfulness to Christ we were in Alabama for about two weeks longer and when I returned home I was still puzzled by this revelation I was given upon my life though I went about living out each day in life as if I may be wrong in what I thought and thought I had heard not to mention where I had heard it from in 1999 I began pregnant with a black mans baby unknowingly and I don’t recall what or how it conspired however the revelation became reality though what I was unaware to know was that I would not have a living life with that child in 1999 at 6 n a half months pregnant the baby’s heart stopped several doctors examined me one after another to confirm the child’s death in my womb and eventually they sent me in for an emergency DNE to be done to remove the deceased fetus I cried for I felt it was a gift and had drawn close and attached playing music to it and talking with it in the womb they said it was to be a little girl however I never saw the infant so the only closure I could bring was to find a name which became Katrina Amber-Renee as I was still unwed at the time I conceived she was to have been born in the millennium prediction date of January 11, 2000 after I lost her I was sad but also blessed because the man left me because he could not deal with the loss though I was not aware of that being the reason at the time for he had not told me or seen me after that for about 6 years when he finally confronted me the reason he left. In 2001 I went for two months to Taize France on a in depth faith and discipline study where I had many miracles happen we were to perform a detailed and in depth with God fasting and I felt again not good enough to perform this as I already had not eaten anything so I prayed fervent prayers and said Father you know the intimate fasting I have to do starting tonight for 7 days I can not do it I am already so weak and frail in need your guidance and offerings and blessing to be given to me if I truly must go on with this and before I began to open my eyes and finish the prayer a women came from behind me to right side of me and tapped my on the shoulder asking if I wanted her apple and bread and milk I think speechless and frail I sheepishly believed and said yes please

I than continued to put stuff onto my tray to get ready to eat my last meal I had for the day but noticed I still wouldn’t have enough food for how I was feeling already so as I lay the last item in my hand to pray over the food for blessing once more from the left side came another younger women all jubilant and such and said do you need some extra meal to eat and as she finished her question a white dove flew over my head and looking at me from above the beam on my head she was gone I never even saw her go again stunned and in shock I arranged the food and tray and began to pray over it in request of health and blessing I had more than enough to eat that night and had become fully satisfied in health body and nourishment that I fasted that whole week.

I had a spiritual bonding that night as I felt the waking of the Holy Spirit within me again I later in two months returned home and eventually went off to Valley Forge Christian College in PhoenixVille Pa and Eastern Christian College in St David’s Pa and while I was at VFCC I sang in the choir and the one day a college student friend of me in tears asked us to pray over her I was asked to present the prayer because of my faith I bashfully denied and said I couldn’t I wasn’t but only a beginner walker however I ended up doing the prayer and she immediately having the same reaction I had had when I was saved burst boastfully into tears and weeping and proclaiming she could feel differently and that she was blessed and healing from what was bothering her inner spirit she hugged me in the days when you could hug and thanked me great fully I left and moved back from college to later times when I went through the assault and rapes of my ex and became pregnant with 3 separate pregnancies one born in February 12,2005 BrieAnna Elizabeth Palmer who I remained in active labor with for 3 hours

Sarah Danielle Palmer born January 28,2006 the two of them being Irish twins and then Jaimie Lynne Palmer on April 13,2008 I had gone through the assault by his family to me in 2015 and because I had suffered a severe concussion and then a laceration of the head and as well as a TBI and bp heart and speech issue I mentally was unstable as well as had no place of my own to live any the time as where I was living was in my grandmother’s house hoarded and cluttered Mildred S Nagele (Spang) -Mary Magdalene my mother’s mom and the children youth and families got called on me and said I was homeless no finances and mentally unstable at the time and ripped the kids away from me giving them to the very family that had done this to me and had killed me that day while I was trying to make a call to 911 and while on the phone passed out and had my near death experience

While in the experience a man had been standing in the experience and asked me what is our next move what shall be done now you have a choice you may stay or you may go back and although I felt safe and peace filled there most beautiful place I had been I said frantically no I must go I need to go my kids need me and was unaware they were in the process of being taken but knew that I had no one and that meant they had no one I said sir please my kids need me I have to return back to them and immediately I was back in my body on earth back trying to speak on the 911 call while they were still in my care I had a vision as I woke up about that I was Jesus I frantically argued and cried and said no lord why this can not be that is you not me and I asked Luke and Shane about how this could be and we all agreed I was panicking until I found in my grandmother’s stuff that paperwork I sent to him to review and see if he believed and agreed with me with that my grandmother was Mary of Magdalene and yet in me I still only believed I was only still an Angel and let myself stay living that these days I have since healed others as well and changed suicidal to death giving them a different outlook for life back to life options instead that is the story of Wolfie and how we met we met over the internet in high school 35 yrs ago now and have never met in life but through pictures and he had just lost his mother and his most intimate bond and came into my chat room ready to kill himself and take his life knowingly was wrong and he had more to do and I stayed with him Counceling and praying over him both of us in tears as it was when I had just lost Katrina as well for 26 hrs give or take I stayed by his side bringing him back to life in his mental attitude and spirit within and now I face death for a charge I did not do and though I was scared I do not fear anymore for I know God is there waiting for me and I wait till it is God’s perfect time I love Shane with my whole heart he as well refocused me as we refocused each other through the journey together and I love each of them in their own special ways for we grew as a family for me as I had no family as Jenny though still have some family as Jennifer L Palmer but I have seen my destiny that lies before me and it looks dark but you all must know through it you each are loved by him The Father God and now I just wait for what be our fate as Luke and both face fates together and I just wait for what it is in God’s time which brings me to the conclusion of the beginning to the end that

I am counting on the Lord;

    yes, I am counting on him.

    I have put my hope in his word

and hope for him to be near for my faith has always been live and strong and it’s that which overlooked Shane trying to kill himself that day and see the faith he did have left within that changed his life and made me forever Angel Jenny as well as the name I held

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