Shane And Luke And Everyone Else

Shane I love you with all my heart you taught me to love myself again after all I went through and loss of my mother you gave me tools to use to make our dreams come true that we all felt like we were called for a purpose on the internet you me and Luke being as how that was how our story began I love you more than you know

Luke I want to thank you for honoring me and giving me a place in your heart as your uncle Pastor Mike a great pastor and man asked of you to protect me and pull me through my struggles of life as I am still a human as well and you both saw the light in me before I could find it myself you helped me to believe in that which I didn’t feel called to but you bettered me as I helped better you as well

Jazzaboo, Mike and Isaiah Big Jim and Jeffy thank you for preparing me a place to feel safe again and a place to have a family and basically taking me in and adopting a lost soul who was broken and lost and tired and weary in scars and pain wish we were together but I love each of you for a soul purpose and especially for protection in difficult times we must now sit in silence till the time is here upon us I love you all more than you know I finally understand why you said you guys love me more than I know I am not the one who called this burden upon us and Luke I’m sorry for the trouble I had caused you through got you have survived and been loved 🥰 and I have so much love to give but it’s quiet now so I’ll just wait I love you luke and Shane Mikey your always special in my heart and you helped me grow in strength and faith with the love I was never shown I trust you all will pray tonight and walk always with the light

I pray for the nation that they see the truth and take the steps before it’s too late I’ve helped lay the path for the journey ahead and with believe in all and hope in all that you find yourself as I had to as well I pray this In Jesus amen 🙏🏻

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