The Days Of Freedom

The good old days of fame, freedom and independence

I’m at breakfast this morning watching out the window because I get a view today and I’m currently watching something being set up not sure what but it makes me think back to the days of when I was in high school and maybe 17 during my hardest years as I was learning of the love of Christ

In high school I used to be in drama class, band, choir, as well as I played sports and after school even did two theaters the one for school and also Methacton Community Theatre I became part in several teams and crews and although it was the hardest worst times in my life through high school it was when I felt most independent and free I became known as a national Thespian nominee and printed in one of American who’s who books as a recognized national thespian I felt free and on my own in something I always loved to do but I believe what I am watching may be a movie set going up I see a woman getting makeup done and these types of panels being raised

My view today
Town center king of Prussia,PA
Raising of Panels
Makeup setup

I grew up from age 3 singing, writing ,acting and choreographing and dances for fun to show to my family I later did my high school battle of the bands singing which as you can see I continued in high school I acted in Bye Bye Birdy about Ellie Grenache not sure if that spelling is correct, as well as Oliver Twist in 7th grade and high school, I acted in fiddler on the roof then I was actually starred in courage under fire as an extra in 🤔 I believe 1996 with Meg Ryan and Denzil Washington in it and yet I was an extra in the movie I myself have never seen the movie but sitting here watching this set up take place hold a dear place in my heart as I have always missed that time in my life and seeing the set going up makes me miss it oh so much more if it is a movie set I wish the members and crew all the best of luck

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