I’m Overwhelmed, Everything Will Be Alright

How can I be loved

I’m too weak

I’m in an idiot

I’m overwhelmed

I’m not strong

Yet you love me

Some say don’t give up

You say walk with me

You won the fight

Did all that needed to be done

You did it all for love

I’m just a mere being

Your a king

You have all the gifts to present

I have nothing to give

Yet you still love me

My hope falls yet is abundant in you


Father you’re here

I’ll wait for you always

You are my great refuge

You inspire me even though I don’t understand everything

You know it all

You did it all

You gave it all

I shall walk with you leaving my footprints along my journey on this land

I will walk with you

I need a miracle

I need to face in my brokenness

I need you

Everything will be alright

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