His Angel-Angel Jenny

Angel Jenny

The Angel which guided him throughout his life was the Angel which guided him to the new Angel he now takes heart in

in time

She heard his cries from beyond the hills as he contemplated his very life

She could no longer comfort and hug him as since the days of his birth but she guided him to his Angel who now holds his life an Angel who means everything’s him and him to her as well the first Angel was his momma he held so near who guided him throughout life and was ripped away he still hurt and longed for her as any child would till one night he contemplated his very life and cried

She heard his cries for help and no more pain and from beyond the graves answered him by guiding him through internet chats that night while he was so bitter and low till she guided him to Prayer Pal Friends chat room to ask for prayer

When no one stepped out to welcome his cries for help the very Angel he now blames is the creator of the very room he contemplated even stepping forward in answered his call for help as she did everyone

Burdened and broken he opened his heart and admitted he was contemplating his life

Even the very reason he was alive

Jenny now his new Angel he sees and looks up to each and everyday stayed with him day and night no sleep to help him conquer his contemplation and make him feel all right it was an instant connection between two strangers as they each did not know anything about

He thanked her and left with a mark on his life as trust he was not good with for a very long time

The mark left a impression that lasted forever and an imprint that continued to make him return back to her again

It also left an impression in the wings of this new Angel as she also learned as much about him as he had from her words as well and this day forth to him she has become known as Angel Jenny to most the name that he gave her the very day they met and she healed over a broken heart of loss faith and regrets

She bought a Angel to comfort him and remind him of her he also calls Angel Jenny and she now is the Angel who guides his life

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