In A Small Town

Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป ๐Ÿ˜Š

In a small town

He lived and played

Growing up a small town boy

Playing in creeks and ponds

Rivers and streams

Playing wildly in the streets

Knowing all the kids in town

For he did come from a small little town

Leaving for college he said goodbye to his mom and dad

To move away and learn to become a man

Becoming a man he chose respect

Respect for his country

A nation in need

He went from a man to becoming a soldier

He moved from college and traveled far

Leaving his friends and family he knew and loved once more

He traveled to new heights where heโ€™d never been before

For the soldier he now is is active worldwide

For the love of his country


And respect

He made his choice in love and respect

To die at the hand of his country

Giving his life as a man for the very men who give there lives each day sometimes becoming the next man to pass away

Raised in a small town

As a young boy

He saw the image of a God who sent his son to save the life of all humanity

He grew up in faith

And surrendered all

Deciding in that town he wanted to be that man

So as a soldier he moved around

As an honor to his country and his town

To embrace and respect all the honors he could

Becoming a man

To becoming a soldier

Leaving all he knew to sacrifice all he had to be a hero

Becoming a man of honor for all

Like Christ

He died at the hand of fire for his family

For his friends

For his country

Becoming not only a soldier

But a true honorable man

In a small town

from a boy to a soldier to a man

Giving his life for his country in respect for all

Happy Memorial Day weekend 2021

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