Broken Pieces Of Me

When you’re broken and living on the wings of a dove

You’re mind wandering and all over every new thought entering your head

Unsettled and lost you run

The broken hearted

Mystery unknown

Tears falling from your eyes

Longing for the touch of the master’s hand

You’re the broken

You’re the unknown

You’re the masterpiece in progress

You may feel unappreciated



But God does have a plan

Broken inside

Taking a fall

Just think…

He had to take it all

He suffered

He fell

He was broken in design

But he’s perfect

You’re not

Each hour, second and day is only a temporary in history of yourself

No man can measure up to the great design and love he is

Who oils want to

You think it’s complicated now his would have been so much more than what you or I feel now

Accept that someone was definitely looking out for your best needs

Even if everyday

Life pulls us short and makes us turn and run away

This life is just temporary

We’re going to be lost souls trying to escape for our time here

A time in an unhappy world full of misguided hands and lost souls searching for more

But we can practice during our junction here past time

For one day

When we are completed


And reassured

It will be when we have seen through it all to the very end

We’ve seen completion

We’ve been that very friend that we ourselves never had

When the masterpiece is finished and designed

That we now are ready for eternal life

Sitting at the right hand of the master himself

The one who loved like we never could

Showed the love when we once were broken

Sculpted us a work of art

Where never could we obtain

And met the master face to face

This will break the broken to never feel unhappy again

For life on earth is only a learning and training in design

For when we’ve met the master

We gain the key to the ultimate gates

God’s kingdom

A place to see what really has been done

To understand the reality of his true inner plan

A question lifelong

A quality we could never be

For only God

And the son are perfect in everything

Jesus the son yes he was like you and me

He had feelings

Broken spirits

But knew his reasons his father gave up his life

Do you really think he accepted his fate

He respected his father’s wishes

To show the ultimate love to you and I

But his questions always remained as you and I

Why Me?

Our lives are mot different

His consequences are just so much more and a lesson to show is that of true love


And the master plan at our given time

He was still man

He still had emotion

He still had feelings unwilling like you and I my dear

But his task was hardest and most important to rescue all humanity

Mankind from the scorn mopped floors

He gave us salvation if we are willing to accept what guided plans we can to gain the gift from heaven so we can meet him face to face and learn the last lesson

Why me?

Why did I have to face all these things in my life lord?

The answer is simple because as we are like Jesus and taught to live life as he taught us to live in accordance to God’s law

We must suffer to gain the gift god has in store

And somewhere out there we are like someone else who is still lost and is looking up to us wanting to be like us so they see Jesus

And they in their own design are learning to be like Jesus through us

For we are like him

They may still be broken in design

But they see inner security and strength in us and want to be where we are

This is the quality we need to take with us that we may still feel broken

But we’re at peace

We’re strong

We’re focused

We’re grounded

We’ve practiced and learned from God

We’re on our road to recovery

We’re in route to our final destination

Soon to meet the master face to face

Where we can finally see that

why me?

will be for them as it was in Christ

But we will not pay the ultimate price

For we suffered and fell

The son took it all

We already paid for our debt

Our sin

Our wrongs

To learn love

And live lives in God to show so many more

The hardships we face are his pieces to his plan

The points where we needed most to lean on him

To learn one more hard lesson

To help guide someone else broken-hearted and stuck in this master design called life

There is a reason for his creation and plan

for who we are

When we reach our destination

We will find that answer

Straight from the master’s hand

This will be the last lesson till we acknowledge the gift Jesus put in place for us to accept the gift in our hand of salvation and eternal life as we will finally see what happiness is really like from the love once shown to us when we needed it most

So broken is sometimes better quality than content

For if we’re broken and asking

Why me?

We see the destination as a life line

If we’re content

We may still be sitting unwilling to practice and learn the hard way to open life in the bigger picture practicing and participating in God’s great teaching lesson to be more like him where we are ready ourselves to train the next broken heart full of brokenness in design

Waiting to follow and be like ghat someone they are so keen to see

So come be broken with me

That we will find peace in God

And find our eternity

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