The Fallen Angel

When you feel so torn

There’s pain in your chest

You were always taught momma knows best

Life is good but you’re heartbroken inside

With each step you take you want to run and hide

The tiny crevice here

The deep hole within

Shame and discouragement creep in

Your soul so lifeless

Filled with pain

Sorrow thick in the air no room to breathe

Lethargic you lay in silence so loud

You can’t even focus yourself on your thoughts of here and now

An abandoned soul or lifeless pain

Is what you’ve become without a name

Forgotten and lost you stay somberly alone

That’s most likely going to be where you lay in your grave that final day

No one to share your happiness and heart

Alone in silence

Even on the day you depart

The only one who will sit by your side that final hour and more is the man who made you and opened the door

Jesus who died alone as well hung on the cross to take sin from all

Sitting at the right hand of the father above the son in name faithfully praised he prays

I rest my head Lord and pray this pain be taken from me as a burden of shame it’s becoming my new everyday

Loneliness boiling my soul within

Fallen Angel

Angel cast out of heaven

Torment of a suffering soul

List soul becoming dead

Yet alive

As a door slams shut keeping you inside

Father God

Take this burden

Take this pain

Take all the holes that deform me

Within your grasp

I can not go on in this life like I am

Break this broken cycle

Making me whole

I can not live this way in pain and suffering and anguish any more

The Fallen Angel is what I’ve become

Unsettled, a burden in this broken land

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