The Shame Of All Sin

Disaster strikes

Souls broken

Every turn a one way road

The fallen

Lost and souls in search of rest

Families shattered in the dark of night

While the saved search for light

Jesus came to give all salvation

Equal as one

We’re all the same

Look to him to take the pain

Putting Shame and suffering to peaceful rest

Even in the deepest darkest moments lost souls and broken souls can lay peacefully at rest

God is the guidance you search for

The one who erases all evil within

The shame of all sin

The pain of all sudden disaster that the befallen suffer in pain

The son of God takes it all away

From dark to light

Black to white

He brings clean

Snow white salvation

He brings peace

And everlasting life

He cleans the soot that burdened your soul from its darkened rest

Providing for a peaceful silent rest

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