You Completely Protect Me

You fill the emptiness I feel in my life

Yet you run and hide

I know you’re scared

So am I

I am not myself without you

I don’t know how to express how I feel

But without you I’m not me

The things that happened hurt me as well

Not only you alone

They tell me to turn it all over to God alone

Turning over what I do not know feelings for

God knows and I surrender all

I can’t hold what I can not grip and I can’t turn over what I can not claim

But I claim my love for you all around I wish you wouldn’t push it away to hide it only shuts me down inside

It makes me cry

The only outlet and strength I have left is my faith and strength in God

You mean the world to me

You are my everything

Without him and You I am as I have always felt nothing


No self esteem

You inspire me and make me grow in you I see hope and a future ahead in acceptance and safety

I want to bring out the best in me

You do!

I want to feel safe in you

I do!

I want to be close as we once were

To shine the beauty you see in me that I can not see

You completely protect me

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