You Gave It All

I know that I am loved

He would’ve never proven that by death on the cross

I know that others love me so much more as well

But my soul feels burdened and broken and shamed

I know that your love means so much more than what I could ever find

But the battle

The struggle

The structure I need to find

The relief I need to feel

This is all so real

It’s all scars and raw inside

I feel like running along to hide

My life is your vessel I do my best as best is

Though things waken my emotions

And roller coaster rides

They say be strong

They say you will carry on

Strength in the lord and him carrying you is the only way

All my life has been erased and ripped away

Only God can save this day

Bless the lord oh my soul

You gave it all

I’ve given nothing

For it is richly in you I shall survive

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