A Lost Love-Alive But Alone

Feeling blank and alone

Walking with fear out into the unknown

Darkness taking over

Shingles on the floor

Pikes sticking you with each step made

Feeling forgotten

Alive but alone

This is when darkness fades to black

Into the abyss unknown

Love once thriving

To a naked decay

This is what loneliness feels like

It has no escape

This is forgotten love

of love once embraced

Now silent

No one around

Shadows falling in the sands of time

Times that used to be spent

Side by side

but now others take places That were once mine

The love they held has disappeared

Now just darkness creeps on by

As I sit traumatized

Holding back

Or cry

The love I once knew

Waisted away

As numbness takes over me with despair

His love no facing others instead

Lost and alone now

Feeling pushed aside

to walk a road with only God by my side

Loosing my best friend

And I’ll never understand why

For now I’ll just continue to cry

For a lost love of mine

Love I once knew everything about

Now a ghost

Something I can’t even see

This life has darkened away from me instead

Alive but alone is my new me

So very unhappily

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