Who Am I To Be Loved By You

Who am I to be loved by you

I fall, I fail

I try to be someone

But I’m not

I’m just not strong enough

Who am I to be loved by you

I’m learning

I’m living

I’m breathing

But I’m no one

I try to be good enough

But in it all you save me

You breath life within my weary soul

I hear you but I run

I’m weak

But with you I hold all strengths

You are the air I breath

You are my life

Savior within my suffering

You’re in control

Who am I that you tell me to look up that all will be okay

Who am I that I will be loved by you

Who am I that you save me

I’m just another lost soul

What do you see in me

The answer stumps me

But I believe

You’re the light in the darkness that covers me

You make me alive when I shut down

This is what I live for is you saving me

All that you are

I surrender all in light

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