Count Your Many Blessings

It’s gotta start right here

It’s gotta start right now

As heaven touches earth

Every act of love

God gives all

Alive in us

your light shines through

Little whispers in our heart

Blind but could see in soul

Deaf but could hear what needs to be heard

Mute but speaks louder than words could go

Counting every blessing

Every little miracle

Show me your heart

Unspoken words

Unseen visions

Unanswered prayers

You need to have faith and believe

With every act of love

Jesus carry’s all

Help us carry you

We’re living, walking, breathing, miracles

Rhyme and reason can not bring sense

What are you waiting for

You need to have faith and believe

Jesus carry’s you

He speaks words you can’t ignore

Count your every blessing

Let him be alive in you

It starts here and all begins with you

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