Another Day

In a desolate place I sit and cry

No one but myself knowing why

A land of misfits and mysteries

And myself a ball of unanswered callings and prayers places I hesitate in a desolated place

A place so barren I can not focus

Lost in the darkness upon my path

Mislead in plague and disease

Shadows that lurk upon dirt filled trails and only you my father can save me now for saving myself is not of me but of you as you trust in me

Removing shadows from this desolate design as healing proceeds it’s way lost and burdened I fall and fail yet in life you accept me and save my value in my ways

You take my wrath and scars away

No signs of shame overcome me

Fear washed by glory in a new day

For in your eyes you see value in me

you release all the soils within me

Giving me another day

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