I Want To Be Different

I want to be different

I want to be blessed

My heart broken

A log in my eye

Blind in all I see and do

Mute in spoken and unspoken words

Words carried and lifted out

Fervent in prayers

For the kingdom comes in love

Footsteps double in sight

Where Jesus carried you

Blind in existence

For my eyes look past the love and see evil and wrong done

Nothing can separate you from love

But I want to be different

I want to walk in the way of good all of my days

I want to be exceptionally Different

I want to open my eyes to more

I want to see and be more

I want to be amazing

For the kingdom is love

I’m not perfect and don’t pretend to be

I need a miracle to be more than I could ever be

I want to be different

I want to see you

I know you want my heart

My whole life and all my scars

I want to see where I am blind

I want to hear when I am deaf

I want to hold words and speak them loud when I’m mute and can’t speak out at all

I want to be different and more like you

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