Battle Scars Left Unbroken

In her faith she stands strong

Tears coming to the surface

As she knows emotionally she has traveled long

A burden in the night as fear overwhelms her sight

She fights the whispers of her mind telling her he’s not alright

Love overflowing for all who he is

Holding onto faith that shines bright

Bringing tears down her face

Knowing it’s the only answer in prayer she seeing the discomfort in his eyes as he withers and hides from the chemo that is barring down his neck

That is making him weak, unhappy and horrible in life

She knows his strength and will

His determination and hopes

But this is outweighing all a burden on his survival she just prays he’s always alright

Her dreams shattered throughout life as her biggest dream HIM looking in his eyes her peaceful place her faith bubbling over in safety he is all she needs and she can’t have vim without her faith in Christ

It is truly where she stands

Kneeling hand in hand in fervent prayer asking to remove all her fear replacing it in her biggest deepest desire HIM asking God to take all that belongs to this cancer disease away

Her eyes swollen shut as her tears fill her pillow at night

Only he has the way and can change the outcome for her love’s journey cancer free she pleads and pleads in fervent prayers

In hopes that he will hear and answer her

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