In Broken Spirit I Flee

In broken spirit I walk this land

Broken in pieces

That can not be mend

In broken spirit restless and unsettled

I whip like whispering winds

My spirit shattered


Unable to mend

Heartache within my chest

A spirit that finds no rest

Winds of change

That never remain the same

Shadows lurking around

Waiting to devour death



Feelings through every breath

Restless in search of hope

I face faith

Though broken in spirit

And unhappily I seek

My foundation frame and all breaking down

Unhappy I am broken inside

My dreams never coming true

As evil shreds each piece I seek

Broken spirit without a face

Masks of many sizes

A man without a voice

Without a personality

Of his own

Living in co dependence

Not of his own

In broken spirit I walk this land

In broken spirit he withers within

In broken spirit he will live until his end

Broken in spirit

Broken in hope

Broken in faith

Broken dreams seeking God’s face

In broken spirit I flee

God save me

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