The Great American Bird By Name

Wings spread out wide

Drifts of air breezing beneath his feathers

Soaring high in the clouds and sky

He lifts above the land

Grace and peace strengthen the way of the journey he makes ahead

Guidance of freedom

Guidance of grace

God’s great creation

Majesty he came

Majestic in power and strength

In freedom and grace he flys

A bird of power, strength, honor, grace beauty and pray

All that wisdom sees

All that America brings

Freedom that he sees

Grace he shows

Strength within

A spirit free

The beauty of the Bapd Eagle 🦅

He became

A signature of America through centuries old

Even today he’s historic and in fame

The eagle is his call

His given name

A heartthrob of American pride

Strength and power of design

God’s majestic nature of his great design

The great American bird by name 🦅

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