In a world lost in yelling voices
He breaks with not one sound
Family in panic of where his focus is
Knowing he’s on the brink of edge
Panicked and concerned they search for answers
As fire in his veins is what he seeks
Standing in silence he begins the take
Family questioning family fearing the worst
As thoughts far from those that he might hurt
His demons taking control
Not thought of consequence but a split second no questions asked
Time running low
As the fire in the veins begins to flow through
Up against the clock he waits as he’s now reminded of his fate
Only God can save him now
Loved ones hurt
Panics breaking way
For this was the day they’ve always feared
Staying strong they focus on his safe return
Reminding him the voice he needs to hear most and speak with most is the voice of God himself
As the dizziness takes hold and fear sets on he realizes what’s been done
Guilt begins and he feels he’s failed those he loves and God as well
Strength faltering
As he knows he’s messed up
Family knowing all they can do is always love and support him praying and staying in contact in their higher power to help him through
Fire on the veins controlling him with voices in his head holding tight to him alone for his demons are too strong
For fire on the veins he can not refuse
Suffering in silence in mental disanguish within his mind voices screaming to claim his life control by the demons he fights inside substances his only recent guide
Though he knew listening to the demons would cost him his life
Turning to God his only life line his family reached out on prayer as they should
But still back sliding he runs away from God all he could think and see was failure inside so he chose to run and hide
Alone in the dark of no line for acceptance within he’s to blame
God his only option to accept what he can to regaining peace of mind and freedoms again
Fear in the face of darkness no one can tell
His own demons the reason he fell

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